BioBreeds | Mini Hunt!

Friday morning (12 AM SLT) through  Sunday evening (12 PM SLT) we will hide not only hunt items (items provided as a free gift from each of the locations) but 150 Dog Vouchers as well! 3 of those dogs will be special TRAITED dogs.

Let me give you the details:

1) Each participating  BIOBREED merchant location (an updated list is below) will have a hunt item.  Somewhere on the parcel will be hidden a WHITE dog bone, inside will be a free gift available to all that find it!  Each location will have a different gift totaling 16 in all.

Here is a picture of what you will be looking for:

Hunt Item Bone

2) As a special bonus, each location will also have a handful of DOG Vouchers hidden within very special RED dog bones (50 per day), totaling 150 in all.  These are a first come first serve basis,  once they are found, they are claimed.  Hidden throughout the entire weekend, at random times, creating no need to rush to any location at a specific time.  We designed it with the intention of it being FUN and not a competition.  🙂

Once found you will need to buy the bone (at the zero cost they are set to) and then TAKE it. Remove the voucher inside and contact either Trinity Vuissent or Dallas Arkright to redeem.

Here is a picture of what you will be looking for:

Dog Voucher Bone

************Now for the RULES***********

Each location is a place of business, please do not share locations of any items within local chat. If you are with friends as you search, please keep all hunt locations in personal IM’s.

Each item found is a GIFT, should you find yourself unhappy with an item found, simply delete it.  Please do not go to the creators for changes, copies or complaints.

ONE dog voucher per person.  This does not mean one per person per day.  We want as many people to  have the chance as possible, therefore we will be keeping track of those vouchers turned in.

Trinity Vuissent and Dallas Arkright are the contacts for these vouchers.  Should neither be on for some reason, please send a notecard, and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Last but not least:


NOW for your locations:

BioBreeds Park

Second Homes

BioBreeds Market

The Village

Breedables Farm

Second Farm Market

Ranch of Dreams

~*Briarwood Farms*~

Simply Breedables Market

Cheeky Kitten


Jewels Pet Paradise

The Farm

Woof N Wags

Sunset Farms

BioBreeds Main Store

I hope we all have a blast this weekend!

(Notecard from BioBreeds).