Tsunami Relief

In light of the recent tragedy in Japan I know that the breedables world is going to rally forth with help for our fellowman in need.  I got my first notice today from Pet Peddlers and I know there are also Fashion creators organising events.  If you are a Breedables Creator and will be doing something towards the latest relief effort, please let me know so I can advertise it here for you.  I am always keen to get the word out when it comes to helping those in need.


8:00pm Help for Japan
Tuesday,15 Mar 2011 03:03:13 GMT

After watching the images of the devastation in Japan we have decided that from now until 11:59pm SLT on March 21, 2011, 50% of all sales of all of our Pet Peddlers products will be donated to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. We are thinking of our customers from Japan and hope that they and their families are all safe.

If you’ve been thinking about buying some fish, now’s the time.

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