Amaretto K-9s | New Sim!

The Amaretto team have opened a new Amaretto K-9 Sim on March 14th!

When you TP in, you land in a city street. There is a beautiful lake with a bridge and there is also an agility course! It’s so cute, and in the agility course ground you can see dog prints! The sim just looks like a cute small town. You then walk straight forward into a small pet shop. There are Amaretto boxes set up for what looks to be the stuff for the dogs, and three boxes by the window for what looks to be the starter packs. Of course, no items are in any of the boxes because they have not been released yet.

There are a few dogs on display. One dog is urinating on a tree, two dogs are playing, one is jumped up looking like he’s ready to give kisses and more playing in the field. They are all so adorable! I love the way they set these dogs up. 😛

It is now open to the public, so come on by! Amaretto K-9s Sim

Amaretto K-9s playing
Amaretto K-9s playing