Meeroos | Beta Testing!

The beta testers for the Meeroos got to pick up their new little friends March 18th at 5 PM SLT!

Beta testers get one pack containing 6 Meeroos. They also get food and a stump. From what beta testers Meeroos I’ve seen, I have seen three different color Meeroos.

I was lucky enough to be there when the first few of the Meeroos were born in world. 🙂

Beta tester rezzed out a small trunk. It had a few pictures on it and was ment to look old. The beta tester then opened it, and it started to put out a beautiful tune! It starts to glow and sparkles start to fly. At this point, I’m acting crazy and squealing like a high school girl in RL!

Meeroo Trunk
Meeroo Trunk!

The best testers receive a HUD. You wear the HUD and click the trunk again and you receive food. Click the trunk again and then you will get a nest. The Trunks dropdown will tell you how many nests remain inside. It may now say: “There are 5 Nests remaining!”. Click the trunk to get all your nests out. You click the nests to birth them. It takes 120 seconds to birth. While it’s birthing, you see two little eyes in the nest peeking out at you. It’s adorable! After the birthing time ends, a Meeroo pops out! You click the nest to make it go away or you can take it in your inventory if you would like to keep it.

Meeroo Nests
Meeroo Nests!

The Meeroos go straight to the stump after being born. They want to explore it and to make sure they are aware that that is their home now. It’s so touching! The stumps are able to house 8 Meeroos. You must get more stumps if you want more than 8 Meeroos. The stump is the control center. The stumps are able to tell you the names of which Meeroos live there. The stump has many other options. One of the options is called “Fellow”. If you are going away for a while, you can set it to fellow and your friends or members of your fellowship can interact with and feed your Meeroos. Use this wisely. The “Activity” option is where when you need a break from your little alls of energy, you can choose what level of activity your Meeroo engage in!
They are so cute. I start to hear their noises now.. they sound like a cat/bird, but very unique. It’s kinda like purring and you feel like they are talking to you and each other. It’s not annoying sounds either! They are VERY soothing noises and you will enjoy hearing them on your land.

Meeroos at their home!
Meeroos at their home!

These Meeroos work with a HUD you wear. The HUD will have your name, rank, fellowship affiliation, personal regard points and fellowship regard points (If applicable!). These will change as you advance! Your regard will display in the following format “amount you have/amount you need to rank up. So if your regard says 24/216, that means you have 24 regard points of the 216 required to advance to the next rank. The HUD will tell you about each Meeroo you own. It will tell you the coat name, species, ear type, gender, tail type, personality, head type, diet, eye color and classification. Some statistics you will see a number beside, which indicated the rarity of that type! Meeroo biology, according to yoru Study Guide, ranks all Meeroo statistics on a 1-6 MeerooScale! 1 is the most common, and 6 is LEGENDARY!
Here is the STATUS of your selected Meeroo! these are elements that are always in transition and you should keep a close eye on! The STATUS tells you what’s happing with your Meeroo this very instant! you can see their AGE, SEASON, HUNGER and COMFORT status.

Here is what they mean:
AGE: How old your Meeroo is.

SEASON: Meeroos have a breeding Season!

INDEPENDENT = Too young to breed or not ready!

AMOROUS = Ready to find that perfect someone and settle down!

NESTING = Is carrying a baby Meeroo Kit!

HUNGER: Just how rumbly is that tumbly? Check here!

I’M FULL = Your Meeroo has made a pig of itself and everything is A-OK

I’M HUNGRY = Your Meeroo has an appetite and wants a nibble soon!

I’M STARVING = How Sad! Skin and bones that little furry fellow! Get him food urgently or he’ll run away!

COMFORT: This measures how contended your Furry friend is! This is dependent on how satisfied he is all around!

I’M COMFY = All is right with the MeeWorld.

I’M OKAY = Make sure he’s been fed and has access to a home location! This is a Meeroo falling into decline.

I’M SAD = He’s either starving or has no home and is falling into a desperate condition!
There are SO many awesome options in this HUD!

The Meeroos stats are:






Also for the type of Meeroo Stats:
Pine MeerooCoat : winecoat

Eyes: cirrus/Djurnal/Dusty

Gender: Male

Two different colored Meeroos!
Two different colored Meeroos!

The Meeroos grow up at 10 days. From birth to 10 days old, a Meeroo remains in an Independent “Season.” When it is ready to breed, it enters an “Amorous” stage. It will enter this phase after reaching maturity, and only then can it breed. Once a male and female produce a nest, they will re-enter their independent phase.

Meeroos are like any other living creature! they have unique personalities that impact their behavior, their likes and dislikes. Some Meeroos will have compatible personalities, others perhaps not so much! Some are far more discriminating about who they take for a mate! The meeroos do not get sick but if neglected they will run away. You will have to purchase a whistle to bring them back.


The possibilities are enormous! Meeroo will all be unique in some fashion! There are many traits involved in crafting your perfect Meeroo, but the possibilities are infinite! The kind of Meeroo’s you breed are entirely up to you!
BETA TESTER HELP: Miguel Devanter, Katara Adored, and my new friend Kysta Ember was there to watch too. Thanks for letting me be nosey!!!

Meeroo Mainstore @ Twas Sim.