Amaretto Breedables | Saved by the Haven

Admittedly this post brings about alot of mixed feelings, being an original Amaretto Horse fan (in fact it was my first SL breedable I got into) I was terribly let down by the new update hence new textures, new shape.   Now before we get our bees in our bonnets I know there are many, many still that love them and we are all of our own opinions without judgement.  Myself it ended things for me, thousands and thousands of lindens spent and the natural realistic look of the Amaretto Horse had in an instant vanished!
So here I am moving on with other beautiful breedables and *POP* out comes a notice from the Amaretto Makers that there is a new update and some new suprises…one being the AMARETTO HAVEN HORSE.  After an initial thought (god please please let them have changed the shape back to its original one at least) came the second thought (OMG I want that horse)!!
The itchy addiction feeling came back and I spent 24 hrs emptying out my inventory of boxed horses and boxed bundles.  A mission was in sight and damn it I was going to have that horse come rain or shine!!!
Now I am pleased to say that finally having a horse that you can aim for (and a beautiful one at that) is a vast improvement to the usual horse snacks or pet food ^-^.  Now people have an incentive to haven their bog standard bundles or horses without damaging the market by selling them cheap as chips.
So bravo for that Amaretto Team! Oh and btw I managed to get my horse (coughs) though he is happily adopted now but haven forbidding (no pun intended) lets hope this stables the horse market.