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Yesterday, March 8th, an announcement went out in the Ozimals groups stating that the much anticipated Social Bun was officially in Open Beta and awaits your testing so that they may get to release! To sign up for open beta please go to the Ozimals main store.  Ozimals provided a notecard with some great information, I suggest you read before you get started.  Once you TP to the main store, look for the Social Bun Picture, you will need to click the picture and enter the code given to you in local chat, into the website to verify your avatar.  Next step is to go to your internet browser page and go to http://socialbun.ozimals.com/ and follow the on screen steps!  Should you need any help, a support area of Social Bun is available for your viewing at this link.  Ozimals encourages you to find any kind of errors and bugs and report them to this area of the forum.  Now that we’ve covered all the boring stuff on with the exciting review!

The over-all appearance of SocialBun is rather cute and artsy, very fun and whimsical.

This website is packed with features!  Being able to monitor your bunnies on your lunch break and possibly even mobile is a relief for those of us who stress about our furballs while catering to RL demands.  I know many will be using this nifty feature heavily!  The search engine enables you to search for tons of combinations, making finding your dream bunny that much easier!  You can easily narrow down your search right down exact traits, right down to gender.  Ozimals created an update check button which allows those of less organized or overwhelmed with too many bunnies, to check and see if all are current and up to date.  They also implemented a Lurve Shack button to check to see which are currently available to breed, such neat features!

Your over-all profile is similar to most other social network layouts, it provides a picture, basic information, with a few neat features such as a special field for you to provide SLurl to your shop, flickr link field, and even a place for you to update your status for those who obsessively Twitter or Plurk. =]

The My Bunnies area of the site is a main attraction!  You can manually enter the information of your bunnies or have it verified by Ozimals, doing so gives you a neat little banner next to the bunnies picture.  This is a good place to store your bunny IDs in a safe and organized place, quite useful should SL bork and loose your dear bunny.

I know some have expressed concern of the lack of detail on the bunny’s lineage but as Ozimals explained they are working to implement a way that the site cannot be “spidered” in other words, someone using means of program or bot to obtain quick Ozimals information to break the Ozimals genetics in turn, ruining the fun of the game.  More information on spider bots at this wiki link.

Overall the website is pretty nifty and will make many things in the game much easier and more accessible, it would be a great beneficial tool to any Ozimal lover.  I can’t wait to see what the final release will hold.


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