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Hi Guys it’s me again your  fishy friend 🙂

There are a few things to talk about today some you will like and some you won’t, will I upset someone I’m sure I will.  The new update is out and yay it fixed our friend the Bekko.  I know a lot will be sad not to get so many bekko 😉 but for Me I’m glad to see the back of it, my breeding was ruined I saw Months of hard work go down the drain.

Numerous small bugs were fixed including the pet fish issue they no longer need feeding and are highlighted so you know which they are. 🙂  Now with orange text and version is pet.

Two  serious issues  to talk about now

Picking up and rezzing fish.

Ok we have all done it looked at a group of fish and thought

I can’t be bothered to pick them up separately this is a short tale

Of what happened to me….

I breed Yamabuki Koi or did until one day I decided to pick up my fish mainly to save money on food during the bugs, so I picked up a group of about ten of my best Yamabuki, I thought it’s ok I have done this loads of times before so I grabbed them and thought nothing of it until I came to rezz them again, sl was being an ass as usual and the first time I rezzed them they were sent back to me but like an idiot I rezzed them again and sl promptly ate them.  I was gutted 2 months of breeding went down the drain, all because I was too lazy to pick them up one at a time.

The moral of this story is don’t be like me, pick your fish up separately then if sl decides to eat them it only eats one!

Andreaus = Lazy= lost best fish=gutted

Now for something some of you will find controversial

I make no apologies for what I’m about to say and I will probably loose some friends in the process but its time something was said.

Some will agree with me and some most definitely won’t.  The fish market is struggling to recover after the server issue causing the no data bags this was no fault of Pet Peddlers but was down to the server company but it caused a lot of damage to the sales market then came the bekko problem, so it became really important that the market be looked after but that didn’t happen at a time when prices should have been kept stable to help it recover I saw to my astonishment that some were and are selling fish for 20l$.

I thought to myself do I really want to be part of this and my answer was no, categorically no…..

Why contribute to something that  could destroy what  we have worked so hard  to make a  great  breedable and I say WE because it’s not just Pet Peddlers its US, the  breeders who make the market it made me  think really hard  about  whether I want to breed these awesome fish I refuse to sell so low and I will defiantly never buy a fish priced like that,

I’m not judging anyone when I say this, but is this really the way we want the fish to go.

What conclusion do I get from this, well to be honest I’m not sure.  Do the fish still have the potential to be the best breedable in sl?  Yes they do, this is something that I am certain about I love these fish there one of the most diverse breedables in sl without a shadow of doubt and with the predator coming out soon and the sea horse in the future they will be the best.

Will they  survive  that is up to  you ….

Have fun breeding and I will be back next week with more news

Andreaus Beck


2 thoughts on “Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck Reporting

  1. I was agreeing with you up to the point you said that you won’t buy fish priced at 20L. It’s best those of us who runs a business to actually buy up all those cheap fish so what’s left is the properly priced fish.

    I’ve gone on numerous trips to different markets and snatched up a bunch of cheap fish, many of which went as predator food and others that will be re-sold. Not like they gain any hunger in my inventory. So I could have 1,000 fish stored away for re-sale if I wanted.

    What I don’t want is people to be encouraged to NOT buy fish even if they price them at 10L. NOT buying isn’t going to fix the market. Buying fish will! Regardless of pricing. Those people who are selling full grown fish at 50l or under, are selling them at a lost. So whoever buys them is infact saving money!

    So please don’t feel discourage or discourage others from buying cheap fish. Go take 1,000 of linden and clean out a few stalls of fish, build up your stock or pred food and enjoy it! Your helping the market recover, saving money from it. What more could you ask for?

  2. if you have a block of fish talk to LL and give them the key number and the title of the block they will seperate them

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