The Mysterious Meeroos

Meeroo statue - front
“For the first time in 18 years, since March 1993, the moon will be full at the same time it is closest to the Earth. And it will be 31,000 miles closer than it usually gets. This event harkens back to the beginning of time and seems to have had some imprint on the history of the Meeroos themselves as ancient stones at the Meeroos location have appeared only on the night of the super moon. Does this mean the ancients had possible terrestrial ties in some way?”

With that, strange statues appeared at the home of the Meeroos on Twas. The statues – seemingly very old and covered with moss – seem to depict two Meeroos, one on top of the other, with the top Meeroo holding the moon. What strange mysteries lie in the Meeroo’s past, and furthermore, what awaits us in our new lives with the Meeroos? Only time will tell, and I – for one – am excited.

Here’s your taxi to go see these fabulous works of Meeroo art!