Market News @Carter’s Cat House

Market Place for KittyCatS

Carter’s Cat House has recently opened for the exclusive benefit of the beautiful KittyCatS.  The sim which is owned by Carter Giacobini is very elegant and stylish, simple yet seductive.  It is almost like a day at the Ascot but with cats.  There is a market place (as above) where you can rent flawless oak stalls to sell or take a nice stroll around looking for the puurrrfect cat to purchase.

Carter's Cat House Auction Area

Upon arrival at the sim you will find yourself  just at the back of the Auction Area where you will find a welcome and subscription board (for those of us that have way too many groups..always helps!)

As you step aside and take a few steps into what is almost like a Marquee, you are given the feeling of luxury as you step upon the oak themed floor panels which are addressed with beautiful ciel chairs including pillows for utter comfort.  There are 20 stalls which are very pleasing to the eye in blue and green pastel colours each with a pillow for the purrty KittyCatS to pose on for all the audiences delight and 3 special panels which are highlighted in pink.  An auction not to be missed!

Carter’s Cat House has something quite unique called “Best in Show”.  This wonderful idea created by Carter and his team who said “they wanted to give people a place to show off their KittyCats without having to put them up for sale” was indeed a wonderful inspiration. They then produced a quality of 6 marble podiums with rich in silk pillows for anyone and everyone to show off their prized possessions.  The idea behind this is that you can bring your KittyCat and place on a deluxe pillow for all to see and vote on (free to vote).  There are prizes given to the winner of the weekly pageant in the amounts of 3rd prize L$250, 2nd prize L$500 and 1st prize L$1000!  What a wonderful feeling to win!  But hurry on back down to the Carter’s Cats Market place and pick up the kitty that you originally thought you could not afford!

"Best in Show"

Finally situated adjacent to the “Best in Show” is the Bidboard Area where you can rent daily or hourly at a great rate!

So head on down now and check out the wonderful new sim for KittyCatS and meet the very friendly Owner and Staff who will be more than willing to help you and answer any questions you have.  Oh and an added little bonus to those that may be twitching their finger over the tp button…psssst they have Meeroos!!

Stay Spirited ;-x