Krazy Kittys | Japanese Relief Special and Auction

Japan Ultra Rare II

Down at the store we have an Ultra II Japan kitty for sale.  This cute little gal can only be bought new born and is now considered a limited edition and has been removed from breeding system.  So grab one now and give towards a good cause.  Proceeds of sales will go to the Red Cross for Japan Relief.  You can buy a copy now!! Thanks for your support


I also got news that there is a Krazy Kittys auction today:

Krazy Kitty Auction
The auction will take place in the mall between Club Leo & Black Onyx at Magic World on Sunday March 27th 1pm SLT / PDT.  This auction is open to Krazy Kittys only.  Level 4 or higher, naturals of all levels welcome.  Auctioneer will be using voice.  There are billboards places around Krazy Kitty Land & also Blooming Butterfly Island containing the entry note card.

Seeing as this auction is at an Adult sim I won’t put the slurl here, but allow you to find it for yourself at Krazy Kitty’s.

Krazy Kitty Land