Market Research/Breedable Pet Snakes and Spiders

After much time spent with KittyCatS, Amaretto Horses and Biobreed dogs I got to thinking in a very breedable addict kind of way. What have I not really been around?  Snakes popped into my head (eeks slightly here).

So in search of breedable snakes I went a mooching. Arriving at the sim, I found a modern black stained wooden shop, dark yet delightful (appropriate for those kind of reptiles) and was greeted by shelving of snakes eggs from Saint Patricks Day.  I tippy-toed around a little cautiously if I am totally honest and stumbled upon an array of bright glowing lights at my feet! Awwww how pretty I thought until, upon closer inspection they were breedable spiders (shrieks!!)

Breedable Spiders

Greens, oranges, blues and reds, shine, glow and many many legs! I was now out of my comfort zone but I stood firm (I think it was most likely frozen) to get a quick snap shot of these pesky spiders before I made a run for it …..and run for it I did almost collapsing head over heels into the breedable snake pit.

Personally, for me I will stick to my puurring Kitty’s for now but for those of you lovers of these slippery slithery reptiles and hairy spiders I am sure you will be delighted with such. So head on down for a colourful display!

Stay Spirited ;-x