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There are some things I love about SL but never get to mention here.  So seeing as I am trying desperately to procrastinate on another assignment.  I thought I would take the time to mention some of them.  Earlier today I had someone ask me when I was going to create a breedable and for some odd reason said Breedable Tracy’s would be popular.  Well yaya but I seriously doubt that, when I discovered the wonderfully talented Skye Galaxy had performed on Metaverse I was reminded of that comment because I believe there would be a long lineup to purchase a breedable version of Skye.  I rarely get the time to go to his concerts but when I do I come away feeling so relaxed (or stunned from crashing in the middle of a relaxed state, lol).  So I just had to share the link with you.  You don’t listen to Skye Galaxy’s music, you feel it, a little like hovering between heaven and earth his music is dream-like yet tangible.  Search for Skye Galaxy inworld and join his group to find out when and where he is performing it is worth a visit, even only once.

Metaverse TV Amped Up 3

Taken Long Ago at JD's Auction Concert

Definitely another big fav is machinima.  And I just love the recent Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011 winner.


UK Blogger Joshue Habana also has a great Machinima site, Machinima View.

I also love Flickr.  I love poses and taking pics in SL and there are so many amazing SL artists on Flickr, I wouldn’t even know where to start.  I was awestruck the other day to discover my lovely Suri has been quietly making poses!  They are pretty impressive too.  No wonder I never hear from her.  Sigh.

I’d love to hear some of the things our readers love about SL if anyone would like to comment.

Now back to the usual programming.  (Please note this is not a strictly PG post).