The Breeder Chronicles | The Search for Traits

The big thing in breedables now seems to be trait hunting.  “I want this trait…. I want that trait”.  People are going nuts over traits, be it a partyicular color or a coat type heck or even a particular eye color, they want the traits.

“Galaxy Scientist: it really all boils down to, people want to be the first or best and something.  In breedables that is usually the first to gain a new trait, or combination of traits”

All this is leading to a miniature resurgence in interest in the breedables and is causing a buzz to spread across the breedables world.  The want and desire to have that “Perfect” animal and be the first to have it.  It all started way back in Sion chickens when the first black chicken was born.  Everyone had been breeding towards it and the holy grail seemed just out of reach.  Took a while but like Pittsburgh’s hunt in the ’92 hockey season they finally achieved the Stanly cup of chickens, pure black.  Since then everyone wanted a particular trait to achieve their idea of a perfect breedable.  (My idea was a black and gold chicken which I kept and it finally passed away of old age).
We’re seeing this again in the breedables with the constant changing of the traits in the Amaretto horses and Ozimals, and really seeing it with the new release of the BB dogs and Petable Rovees.
Everyone is chasing the traits and I think its a good thing.  The sales of the different breedables are up, people are at least making their food costs back and the markets are popping up again.  Heck even the horses are moving again.  Maybe the traits are the economic stimulus that the breedables world needed… who knows?  And unfortunately only time will tell.