Spotlight on Vitreous

Chromed Lightning is a Vitreous shade Brun d’Argent with Gaia eyes. His momma (left) Grumper Airways is straight from Bunnybury, a Brun d’Argent with Gaia eyes and Airplane ears. Dad (right) Jack is a Sparrow eyed (I know, groan all you want), Holland Lop Opal with Iris shade! As you can see, the Vitreous shade is a very high polish, which on the right bun can look like anything from glass to chrome! It complements Gaia eyes very well (as they’re close in shade), as well as Frost, and other blue eyes.

While this particular bunny is going into the shamrock auction tonight (mama needs to meet her tier! >.<) I’m looking forward to getting more of these, and creating an army of Terminator bunnies, and I hope after this brief look that you are too!