Market Watch | Mystical Meeroos @ Serenity Forests (NOW OPEN!)

Mystical Meeroo Office

My oh my something mystical has happened while we were sleeping and dreaming of the Meeroos arriving as there seems to have been some busy little bees named Binkie Baily (visualizer) and Stef Cormer (Sim Designer) hiding and working very hard behind the scenes.

Yes the newly opened Mystical Meeroos Sim! I think it is safe and fair to say that probably most of you reading this article are crossing their fingers and waiting anxiously for the Meeroos to be available to purchase (jumps up and down not doing well at hiding her excitement). We maybe another step closer….just let your feet touch down on this Sim and let your imagination take you full force. Its definitely a place not to be taken for granted as you literally are blown away.

Once you have arrived you will find yourself standing upon the circular patterned stone platform and as you turn around there are numerous meeroo signs giving all directions to the Mystical Meeroos Office, Auction Area (as below), Cart Market, Meeroo Pool, Offerboards, Sky Market, Cherry Market, Raft Market and Field Market.

Auction Seating Area

Now you can take a leisurely stroll along the rocky foot path or you can take the incredibly fast tping tree trunk to your choice of destination. Make a note that when you visit the Meeroo Pool be sure to get a birdseye view from above as the pool itself is in the shape of a Meeroo!! (no picture will be input as you will have to go check it out yourselves..grins).

MM Raft Market

This simply is just a sneak preview as to what can be explored here. So if you are looking for somewhere to rent for your (upcoming) Meeroos you can choose from the Raft Market (as above) or any of the other markets there, all simply divine and unique. You can even live there by renting a little hobbit style home to show off your Meeroos.

Meeroo (omg)

I really could go on and on about Mystical Meeroos but I am sure you will soon tire of this perusing if I do not end my never ending excitement about this place, so with no further ado…(drops in the slurl and waits for the sounds of heels approaching).

Stay Spirited ;-x


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  1. Great post Spirit 🙂 After having a look at the lovely market I can see it is giving more hints to the future meeroo breeds. Sky, Water, Field. Very interesting, they love to weave a story it seems.

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