Breedable Events | It’s All Happening!

Well it seems the US is waking from it’s hibernation due to the warmer weather and no doubt also due to the upheaval our world has been experiencing lately.  The Grid is springing with many great events.  Daniel Voyager has listed some of them, and I’m sure there are many more.  I know there is a cool Furry hunt on at the moment, Cover My Furry Butt Hunt!

You will find Petable at the Fantasy Faire, with a very cute special turtle in a lovely store they have set up there.  The Rovees have a Fairy Princess and Shining Knight that are very sweet also.  Matthew Anthony is named as a Sponsor for the Sim Petable can be found on, Exotic Worlds, although I suspect the whole company was the sponsor.  Great Job Petable!  There is an endless array of wonderful things to look at (and buy)  there, but make sure you stop at Petable first, before the lag kills you.

Petable at the Fantasy Faire 2011

Find Petable….

Project Fur has also began and you will find both Ozimals and KittyCatS supporting this event.  There are also a heap of other great vendors with lots of irresistible things to buy (well I thought so anyway).

Tancho Sanke Special

Ozimals have the Tancho Sanke special release Bunny.  While KittyCatS have 2 specials, one you will find at their main store, but you will find both available at the Project Fur sim.


Hope and Compassion Kittys

Ozimals and KittyCatS are next to each other at Project Fur.

And that’s just some of the current Event support breedables are involved with at the moment, not to mention the many breedables that have supported fundraising for Japan in many other various  ways recently.  I haven’t even started on the latest news, and releases that are/have currently happening.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it…..