Meeroos | Pre-order is here!


Yes boys and girls, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for – the Meeroo pre-order is now open! The pre-order pack is 5,100L and includes:

6 Meeroo Nests
2 Weeks of Meeroo Food
2 Stumps
1 Copyable/transferrable Wonderful World Of Meeroos HUD
1 Pre-order giftie!

Once you pay the vendor, you’ll be placed on the list to receive your Meeroo pre-order pack three days prior to launch, giving you a three day head start. Please note, this is NOT related to open beta. You’ll receive your pre-order pack after open beta. Pre-orders close some time towards the end of the week (no exact date has been given yet), so be sure to get in while you still can!

Here’s your taxi:

1) Oxitage temporary pre-order area

2) The Wonderful World of Meeroos (mainstore)