The Breeder Chronicles | New Scripts

In a past write up I was a bit harsh on the XS scripts and it garnered a few reply’s (and a 3 day discussion).  Well I am Glad to report there has been a fresh influx of new scripts that have the breedables doing amazing things.
The most impressive I have come across so far is the BioBreed dogs.  Not only do they breed and bark (make noises like the other breedables) they actual give the dogs an appearance of actual movement.  The raise their paws beautifully and really give the appearance of life like movement.  They also have commands that have them walk with you, come to you, and return home that the breeders are able to take advantage of in the form of dog races.

This is what has been needed in the breedables for some time.  It allows a new wave of animals to be created that are more than egg laying food eaters.  I envision a breed of something soon that will do way more than the usual neat tricks.  Who knows?  Maybe in the pipeline somewhere is a critter that will say actively seek a mutant gene to produce an entirely new race of creature on its own. Would love to see it.
Another thing I am seeing it more creativity in the breedables.  The animals are nice even the mythical are nice but give me a good old “HUH” creature any day.  Maybe one of the creators reading this will see it and be inspired to create little “blobs” that breed and eat the owners builds just like the blob did in the original B rated sci-fi movie.
Well, I’m off now to feed my Pugs and Bunnies.  Hope to see you around the barn yard