Welcoming Tigers to the Jungle

When I was a little girl I thought having a pet tiger would be awesome! As I grew older I learned how impractical that was and settled on a kitten, but NOW things have changed!

Welcome to the Jungle is announcing their first breedable release as the well known, but endangered, tiger!

second life Welcome to the Jungle Tiger

These majestic creatures are joining the breedables community and challenging the competition by taking breedables to the next level!

Interaction is one of the key points with the tigers, giving you something to actually DO with your pet rather than just make babies… which are OH SO CUTE by the way. Not only can you pet and ride your tiger but also play games with it (which raises its stats) such as playing ball together. Tigers are also interactive with each other, and some of the evolving future additions will include training of your pet. Dare I ask if it jumps through burning hoops? Let’s see your other breedables do that!

Second Life Welcome to the Jungle Tiger

Welcome to the Jungle’s main motivation for choosing tigers as their first breedable release is to promote awareness on just how endangered tigers are in the wild. ‘We want our grand-children’s grandchildren to still have them in the wild.’ 20% of tiger proceeds are sent directly to WWF for the preservation of the tigers’ natural habitat, and WWF donation stands are placed at each Welcome to the Jungle locations for 100% donations to WWF.

Tigers are now entering their ‘beta’ testing phase and are currently taking tester applications. Want to be a tester? Grab a landmark to one of the following locations to see the tiger demo:

Just click the demo tiger, and click the ‘join testing’ button that appears. You will automatically be sent a note card to fill out and return. While you are there, join their main group through the same method.

Get involved in awesome tiger cuteness and preservation, and I think Guns N’ Roses said it best, ‘Welcome to the Jungle‘.

Welcome to the Jungle Logo

~Nisaa Shilling
~Breedables Inc contributing writer
~Herdy’s Auction Barn and Breedables Manager


5 thoughts on “Welcoming Tigers to the Jungle

  1. Tigers! Fantastic! Endangered is the world! I truly believe what you are doing is beyond SL. Bless you all and best of luck, from the bottom of my RL + SL human heart!

  2. Yes, NOT just a warehouse animal. A fun, oh so realistic looking, and has a purpose, animal! Kudos Jungle people.

  3. Thank you KopiLuwak. We are thrilled to assist the WWF and make our big cats for the fun of it as well. See you around the jungle!

  4. I think 28 prims says it all, they are amateurs, and their only achievement has been to dishearten us all. I am starting to hear the same rumour over and over of some mystery professionals coming to market later this year with a pet that supersedes all existing systems in every aspect, and that they have covertly worked hard to drill down on the breedable community likes / dislikes unlike the tigers, and before they get here.. you will definitely know about it. 2012 will be a BIG year for all us breeders .. and I can’t wait!!! forget these monsters..

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