New Horse on the Horizon watch out for ABC

I had a very interesting interview a couple of days ago with Darcul Bellic and Stephanie Merrienboer, who along with Kawika Comet form the Awesome Breed Creations management team.  ABC will be bringing some healthy competition to the Horse market.  Intending to embrace the good and trash the bad of all things breedable, their forthcoming horse will be both breedable and able to be used for special activities.  These activities take the form of events which will suit the various breeds they will be bringing out.  Just to give you a hint the first breed of horse will be best suited to their Draft Pull event.

ABC's Warehouse

There will be 7 different events all together, including sulky and thoroughbred racing.  I love their method of introducing new traits into the bloodline and they are also going to require some patience to get the perfect horse, whether that be for racing or looks, but you are unlikely to have both.  Hrm yes I do realise I’m not telling you much.  Let’s wait till their is a demo inworld to look at in a couple of weeks and I might give away some more secrets then.

Oh here's a hint on the plan for dealing with horses you no longer want.

Join the Awesome Breed Creations group inworld to keep up with news or join the forum on their website.

Go to ABC for a visit inworld



4 thoughts on “New Horse on the Horizon watch out for ABC

  1. It’s a shame that they stole all the business documents, ideas, and everything else from Champion Horses – and it’s even worse that you’re supporting it.

    1. It is a shame they stole the buisness documents? Ok talk about an open ended accusation. Wow. This begs a question there Miss “Betty Smith”. You got proof of this or are you just seeing if this will stick? What a joke.

  2. The world goes around and around, people pick up existing ideas and make them better, otherwise everything remains well boring. Champion horses needs so much work, if someones willing to pick up the slack well why not? The idea is there, they just didnt pull it off.

  3. These are great people with a great concept. I attended an informational meeting over the weekend, and I have to say I was impressed by them and what they plan to offer. They are thinking the right way and heading in a direction that other horse breedables have fallen short of. I look forward to what is coming.

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