WildWood Breedables | Charity Cat

Wildwood Breedables have just released Charity Painted Neko’s as part of the effort to assist Japan with fundraising.  They have 6 available at the store, while one Lucky kitty is available at Project Fur also.  Go to the store for the LM to their position at Project Fur and meanwhile pick up a Charity Kitty or two on your way.

WW Charity Kitty's

They all have their own beckoning charm (no I’m not sure what that means).  Each Charity Neko has a Random Gender, Random Dominant Traits (excluding shape) and Random Submissive Traits (including shape).  The pack includes 2 breeder food, 2 pet food, 1 scratching post, 10% amour delight boost and 1 cat bed decoration along with the Charity Painted Neko.  That’s a pretty pack of goodies, 100% of which goes to Japan Relief, Red Cross I am assuming by the symbol.

Wildwood Forest