The Twibbles Need You!

Twibbles are cute and possibly cuddly little aliens soon to crash on a sim near you.  Onyx Core and Galaxy Scientist are the Zobla team behind the upcoming Twibbles.  They will soon be going into a short closed beta before being released to the public.  Twibbles are based on the xs open scripts with some new twists included.  Twibble have stars, dots and stripes with some of these only being available in specials.  They give birth to cute little pods which grow into 6 prims of cuteness and you might find some more fun breedables added to Zobla in the future.

Come and visit the Twibbles

Join the inworld group so you don’t miss out on the Launch Party, there will a one off launch party special available and I’m sure it will be alot of fun too.   You will get to visit the site of the Twibbles crash landing for a personal introduction.  More on the Twibbles story can be found below….

Twibbles, Homing Point, and Food Bowl

Twibbles – The Story

The Twibbles are a newly discovered life-form, stumbled upon by explorer, Onyx Core. It is not known exactly where they originated from, but we have reason to believe that they are the last of their kind. Their language cannot be translated, nor their writings. The only way they can communicate with us is through art. Based on drawings created by the Twibbles, it seems as though that their home planet had been hit by a massive asteroid of some sort. After the planet was hit… only a hand full had survived. The planets atmosphere was quickly deteriorating. The only option was to evacuate the planet in one of their last remaining spacecraft. After leaving the planet, they proceeded to plot a course to the nearest habitable planet… ours. After setting the ships course, they put themselves into cryosleep and hoped for the best.

One day while exploring the edges of the nearby forest, Onyx Core came upon what appeared to be the wreckage of a spaceship. Carefully approaching the wreck, Onyx scanned the area for anything that might be threatening. There was no movement anywhere in sight, only the colorful smoke coming from the wreck. Onyx carefully inspected every inch of the wreck. He noticed a faint blue light coming from the inside of the ship. He decides to get a closer look.

Upon entering, Onyx finds a half dozen crates emitting the blue light. He picks up one of the crates and carries it outside. He wants to open it. But what if its something dangerous? Trekking through countless areas of dangerous terrain, coming face to face with some of the most ferocious animals this world has to offer. “Dangerous” is his middle name.

He carefully opens the crate so as not to terribly temper whatever may be inside. Laying inside is a creature unlike any other. It was the cutest thing he had ever seen. It was colorful with a striped and spotted like pattern. He was trying to keep quiet as it was still sleeping. Suddenly… it began to open its eyes.

When it woke to see Onyx… it didn’t move or make a sound. It just lie there staring at Onyx and studying him for awhile. Suddenly the creature slowly starts to smile. Onyx couldn’t help but smile back. He carefully picked it up from the crate and held the creature in his arms. He walked over and gently set it down on a nearby tree stump. Knowing the creature possibly wouldn’t understand, he held his hands up to signal the creature to stay put. He quickly rushed back to the ship to remove the other crates. Opening them carefully one by one he began to wake and greet the new creatures.

He began trying to communicate with them through hand gestures. He tried speaking to them. Nothing seemed to work. Then he remembered the paper and pencil he had packed in his bag. He pulled them out and proceeded to draw random shapes. The creatures began looking at each other as if this seems familiar to them. They began to approach Onyx. He handed over the pencil to the first one willing to take it. The creature began drawing. The illustrations seemed to form a story. A story of how they arrived here. Hours went by while they illustrated their journey. The sun was falling fast. Onyx stands up and looks at all of them, pondering what he might call his new discovery. “I’ll call you Twibbles!”, he said.  As the sun starts to fall, Onyx races to get them back inside the cramped space of the ship. Before leaving he says, “You all stay in here and I’ll be back by morning.” Onyx gathers his things and quickly darts off into the dark.

Onyx returned the next morning and over the course of the next couple of weeks, he continues to return to build the Twibbles a proper home. He wants to help them start a new life here. He observes them, their lifestyle. He starts to see new babies pop up. They multiply much faster than he thought.

Months later… their population has grown tremendously. Through Onyx… they’d learned how to use the materials surrounding them, and he in turn has been able to study more about their technology. The relationship couldn’t be any better. But this small forest is running out of room.

The Twibbles need new homes for their rapidly growing population. Together we can help them.

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The Enchanting Land of Twibbles

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