Market Watch/Adapting Protocols at Auction Houses

Just a thought on observation…

I was speaking with Carter Giacobini owner of Carters Cat House (slurl located on the Market Watch Tab) and we discussed the importance of protocols changing to keep update and afresh with the ever changing market prices on all breedables alike.

I think most of us understand it is inevitable to stop the market from slowing down once everyone has breeded and bought most furs, traits etc. We do not want to pay for our stalls as sellers and watch constantly as our breedable animals struggle to sell and get taken home time and time again. Its very deflating after all the hard work and effort we, as breeders, put into trying to create the perfect cat to sell. So a limit has to be put on what is then brought into the Auctions. Hence, especially Auction Houses who have to keep on top of the market and introduce and adapt their requirments when taking in the seller’s breedables for sale. An Auction House needs to be stimulating and energizing, no-one wishes to spend 2 hours looking at starter coats with no traits. Therefore, updating their rules and letting the group know of the new protocols (trait, fur, coat requirements etc) is something that really is a must if you are to keep everything as fresh as it can be until the next update for the breedable animal is out to bump prices up again.

So here here for all those owners that keep the Auction Houses updated and constantly strive to give us the best of the best.

Stay Spirited ;-x


2 thoughts on “Market Watch/Adapting Protocols at Auction Houses

  1. I think that in some ways this is correct, but what you also fail to realize is that those people that have everything aren’t going to buy no mater what. And now there are no markets out there that cater to the people that are new and don’t have any place to go and find breedables or even sell.

    So telling us auction houses its great to limit nothing but the best kinda leaves us auction houses in the dust when no one seems to come looking for anything. A good auction house will have varied auctions that cater to all SL residence and not just the rich and famous.

    But thanks for this post I am sure it will open the eyes of alot of people.

  2. Hello there Marine, thank you for your comment. I do take in what you have said and understand of course there are new people that have just started out with the breedables. I am however not saying Auction Houses are for the rich and famous as you quoted. Unfortunately SL is a very quick life if you compare it with that of our RLs. Especially the breedable market where there are thousands of breeders now all doing the same thing.

    The idea behind Auction Houses keeping up with the traits and better cats is not so much the price as you seem to think but of the essence of the stimulation of the sales. If you look around the market you will now see the most amazing cats for a price that really most people can afford. This is because of how the market works the prices drop with the best of cats over time so there really is always an “open space” for those of us with little or no money.

    Happy Breeding ;-x

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