Meeroos | HUD Release Today

For all of those anxious Meeroo enthusiasts today is the release of the Meeroo HUD.  It will be distributed to everyone who made it into the group before the staff closed the enrollment.  The delivery system will check to make sure you are online, don’t panic!  The Meeroo Staff is working very hard to help everyone with questions and issues, feel free to ask in group if you should have questions or issues, perhaps another member can help you there!

You’ve received your HUD? Great!  It should be called “WW of Meeroos HUD V0.88” Now wear the HUD, it is default positioned to top left HUD position on your screen.  Should you move it to the right side or middle of your screen, the minimize button (the little arrows) will not work to minimize your HUD, instead it will just shift it left and right.  If you wish to attach it to a different HUD position simply right click and edit it [once you have it in the slot you wish] to your left side of your screen to make the minimize button work like it should.

Now that you are wearing your HUD, TP over to The Oracle.  Click her once and wait for her to distribute you information in a green font, only you can see this text.  You do not need to remain near The Oracle once you have clicked her.  It may take a few moment.  She will provide you with further instructions and a special code that is unique to you, save this code.  I would suggest having a notecard or a wordpad on your computer to quickly paste this code as it’s important and the lag of so many people trying to get their codes may be hard on your computer and cause you to crash, this will cause you to have to click the oracle and wait again.  You can find this information by reading this blog post.

Once you receive your special code, click the blog post and follow the directions.  I have provided a few pictures for clarification.

Go to the Meeroo website.  Make sure you are logged in, if so you will see my account at the top of the page, if not login to see it.

Once you have clicked on My Account click on edit, it’s in the middle of the page, followed by clicking on Meeroo.  You will see a space where to enter your special code that The Oracle provided you. Remember not to share this special code with anyone, not even Meeroo Staff, they will be able to look it up and will never request it from you.

Now that you’re all set to go, familiarize yourself with the HUD!  Hope this helps for a visual.

P.S.  You do NOT need to be in the same sim as The Oracle to receive your special code, secondly those of you who received a HUD from a friend and didn’t make it into the group will not be able to get the code, please wait for release.  So please, those of you who did not get into beta testing, remaining at the Twas sim clicking on The Oracle will only prolong others from getting their HUDs and taking up resources and time that could in the end only make those patiently waiting for release that much further away.


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  1. I recieved my trunk followed as it said just touch then nothing for long time think it may have been sl was having problems rezzing just before. well now i have trunk in inventory as well as food and a stump and 3 nest that say empty, ;-( help plese!!!!!!

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