Meeroos | A look at the HUD v0.89

What a whirlwind day this has been for Meeroo news! Having just recieved and birthed my pack of open beta Meeroos, I’d like to take you through the brain of it all – the HUD, tab by tab. Let’s get started!

The first tab - You

So here’s the HUD. Let me first use this space to go over the universal aspects of the HUD.

The blue gem at the top takes you to the website, the specific page changes from tab to tab. On the You tab, this button takes you to your personal statistics. This page shows you the date you joined, the number of Meeroos you have birthed, The number of Meeroos you’ve sucessfully raised, your personal regard, your oracle streak and all time best oracle streaks, your win/loss count against the oracle, your level, and your fellowship. It also shows you your Meeroos, their regard, and their status. I’ll continue to write what appears on the pages the blue gem opens for the later tabs.

The last tab slides your hud left until the main body of the hud is no longer visible. Because it merely slides to the left instead of truly closing the hud, be absolutely certain you do not leave your hud on the Oracle tab when minimized. Trust me on this, it can be infuriating to lose a good winning streak because you stepped away from the computer and the hud thought you were still there! A feature request to address this has been made on the forum, and hopefully it will be added later.

Now then, the first tab is the You tab. Here you have all the information regarding your personal stats with the Meeroo society. Most of this is fairly self explanatory… Your name, level and title, and what Fellowship you belong to. However some people might be wondering, just what is this “Regard” section? Regard points seem to be essentially the XP of Meeroos. The higher regard you have, and the higher level you are, and the more diverse kinds of Meeroos you can discover! Get regard by clicking on items that your Meeroos dig up, correctly answering oracle questions, etc. Your fellowship regard is in the same vein – Fellowships are groups that you can join to try and unlock the higher levels together.

The second tab - Study

The second tab is the Study tab. Click on a Meeroo and this tab will populate with all its data. As you can see, there’s quite a great variety of traits! While most of these fields are fairly self explanatory, there are a few notes I’d like to make on this tab. Location is an interesting one – it shows your Meeroo’s preferred climate. For instance, it shows both my Gael Meeroos as hailing from the Scottish highlands, while my Pine Meeroos hail from just about anywhere within the US. Diet will show you the type of food you must have for that particular Meeroo – certain types require different foods – so be sure to check this field whenever you get a new arrival! The eye color is quite interesting to me as it’s a combination of three different traits; the color (Umbra), the second (Diurnal) is probably either Diurnal or Nocturnal (though this is unverified), and finally the last (Dusty) is the shade of the eye. Dusty eyes appear much more muted than normal. Finally, maximum size shows how large your Meeroo will get when its full grown – they can be anywhere from toy sized to quite large!

   Blue gem: The blue gem for this page takes you to the Meeroo’s personal page. In addition to the traits listed above, it will show you any picture you may have sent in, when your Meeroo was born, how many children it’s had (and who they are), The Meeroo’s parents, the date the Meeroo was last seen on the grid, the Meeroo’s status, and the Meeroo’s regard.

The third tab - Status

The third tab is the Status tab. Here you’ll find the tools to actually interact with and care for your Meeroo. For the fields at the top, we have your Meeroo’s name (Meeroo #???? if you haven’t yet named your Meeroo), Age, Season, Hunger, and Comfort. Season is an odd one… From what I’ve been able to find out, all breeding Meeroos have “Seasons” until they hit menopause. It’s unclear at this point if menopause affects males as well (though if it does, we’d better get a different word for it!). Seasons are five day cycles, three of those days within which a Meeroo can mate. If a Meeroo is too young to mate, this field shows up as “IMMATURE”. Comfort will go up on its own as long as your Meeroo has food, but you can also pet them once an hour for a 5% comfort boost. (You can also pet them more than once an hour to make your own comfort go up 😉 Finally towards the bottom we have the Regard of that particular Meeroo. This goes up when the Meeroo is petted, and possibly during other activities as well.

Next we have the buttons. Name allows you to name your Meeroo. Fellowship seems to allow your Meeroo to interact with other Meeroos from your fellowship. Pet allows you to kneel down and pet your Meeroo. Attach will let your Meeroo hop up into your arms for a good, heartmeltingly adorable cuddle. Release will send your Meeroo off into the wild, giving you the regard that Meeroo has gained in the process. Rebuilt will recreate your Meeroo, which is great for those like me who have their Meeroos stuck with blue ears!

Blue Gem: The blue gem for this page opens the same page as the previous tab’s.

The fourth tab - News

Not much to say about the fourth tab. The news feed shows when people join the game or level up.

Blue gem: the blue gem for this page opens the main page of the World of Meeroos website.

The fifth tab - Oracle

Ah the Oracle. This is where the Oracle will test your knowledge on everything from Motown to obscure Meeroo history. Some of her questions can be quite hard, even intentionally confusing. Be sure to think and read one last time before clicking yes or no, there might be a “is this true” or a “do I lie?” that you didn’t notice! The Oracle will quiz you once every fifteen minutes at the fastest – longer if you don’t switch to her tab when she says she has a question for you. Answering Oracle questions correctly will gain you regard. The more questions in a row you answer correctly, the more regard you get. For instance, if you answer the second question correctly, you’ll receive two points of regard for your new winning streak of two, and so on. Winning streak shows your current winning streak against the Oracle.

Blue gem: Links to your personal page on the Meeroo website noted on the You tab.

The sixth tab - Fellows

Finally we come to the last tab, Fellows. This is where you’ll handle your Fellowship. You can create a fellowship by pressing the Create button and typing the name of your new fellowship into chat. To add a description, click the description field (that light bar underneath Fellowship Description) and type your new description into chat. If you wish to join an existing fellowship, simply stand by a member of that fellowship and have them press the invite button, and then your name on the popup. Press quit to leave your current fellowship.

Blue gem: The blue gem for this page links to the Fellowship details and member listing. It shows the founder, date founded, and description; followed by the names of members and their personal regard levels.

I hope this look at the Meeroo HUD helps you enjoy your Meeroos even more fully. And please remember, this is a beta hud! While most of it should be set, things may change between now and release.


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  1. Thanks so much for the post most I thoughtI knew but now I am sure lol. Learned about the gems and what they do. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for the group.

  2. Learned some things with this, thanks!

    Question, if anyone knows the answer.

    Does the Blue Gem on the Fellowship tab only work for the fellowship creator? A member said they couldn’t access that page.

  3. Thank you so very, very much for this post. The Open Beta Test is the first I had heard of the Meeroo. The HUD was like a Greek tablet to me until this post. Now at least I know what to do and how to interact with my babies. Thank you again! 😉

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