Living Inc. | Dodo Beta Started

Well it’s all been happening while I’ve been away.  Where to start but with Dodo’s.  The dodo’s have started beta.  There are various places you can pick up a beta package.  You will need to be a member of the group and wearing the tag.  Make sure you are ready to pick it up as you only have one chance to get a beta package.

Dodo's in Beta!

The group to join is Living Inc you can find out more info at the website also.

Living Inc.

Crazy Pets SL

The Breeders Borough

Minx Farms


After hatching my beta Dodo’s out I can tell you they are cute, great sculpts, have an efficient menu and I love the movement.  They flit around and will come and bump into me.  They can move quite fast and look very inquisitive and intelligent, clearly a more evolved version of the originals I’ve seen on Ice Age and such. ~winks~