Ozimals | Update v1.7 brings Collection Quests, Co-Owners and more

Ozimals Bunny Update 1.7Ozimals 1.7 Update Box

  • Six new genetics have been introduced in the Ozimals 1.7 starter packs and are now waiting to be discovered through breeding.
  • Non-Owners Menu now includes a link to your bunny’s SocialBun profile!
  • New Elite chances! The chance of achieving an elite bunny has been increased, though the parent bunnies must still meet all of the requirements. Keeping bunnies on Level 3 food throughout their breeding lives still *doubles* the new chance! Furthermore, an eligible female bunny’s chance increases from her 13th nest, through her 14th, and to its maximum on her 15th and final nest.
  • Menu changes
    • Support Menu now gives direct links to the following Ozimals web sites;
    • Interaction Menu changes
      • Collection button added (for SocialBun Collection Quest)
      • Co-Owner button added (you can now add 2 co-owners to every bunny)
      • Refresh button added (instantly update any changes to the Ozimals database)
  • Bonding changes
    • The bond confirmation pop-up has been removed to streamline the bonding process
    • Bonds and bond time remaining is now viewable to the bunny owner on the bunny’s SocialBun profile page.

NEW FEATURE! SocialBun Collections

  • Collections are a new SocialBun mini-game, found on SocialBun under “My Bunnies forSale”. The bunny’s Collection button is in the Interaction menu.
  • A Collection Quest is a quest to find a specific bunny. Each one is randomly generated for you; everyone will have different bunnies to collect. The idea behind the quest is to find a matching bunny and collect it. The bunny will be permanently removed from your warren–please make certain before you choose to send it in for a collection! In exchange for each bunny that you help to collect you will receive a collection point which you can turn in for rewards.
  • You may request a collection from the page, and if you complete it or skip it within 24 hours, you can move on to the next quest 24 hours from requesting the first.
  • If you cannot complete your quest within 24 hours, you will be given a 72-hour extension. This will be displayed by a countdown clock when you go to your collections page.
  • If you do not complete or skip your quest during the entire 96 hours, it will expire, and you can request a new one.
  • Each user will begin with two skip credits, each of which allows that user to skip one quest.

NEW FEATURE! Co-Ownership

  • Under the Interaction menu you will now see a “Co-owner” option, which allows you to assign, list, and delete two co-owners to your bunny.
  • Potential Co-owners must be in range of the bunny when you are assigning them as co-owners.
  • PLEASE NOTE! Co-owners can do just about anything to your bunnies, including bonding, Bunnybury and sending them for Collection quests! Ozimals cannot replace bunnies or be held responsible for what your co-owners may do, so be extremely careful when using this feature!
  • When a bunny is sold or given away, when the new owner rezzes the bunny, the prior co-owners will be erased.

Spring/Easter Holiday Elites, Limited Edition Elites and Holiday Food

Ozimals Easter Spring Display

Holiday Elite chance on nests created and kindled during: April 20 – April 27

This means that any nest created by your bunnies AND kindled between 12:00:01 AM SLT (one second after midnight on the morning of Wednesday, April 20th) and 11:59:59 PM SLT (one second before midnight on the evening of Wednesday, April 27th) can potentially produce an Easter elite, regardless of breeding.

Don’t forget! If you would like to bypass your chance at an Easter elite, you are given an option to choose “No Elite” in the kindling menu, and you may simply confirm that you don’t want that nest to have a chance at a holiday elite.

There will also be an Easter elite–different from the ones available through breeding–exclusively available at the Ozimals shops and through the SL Marketplace on April 19-27th.  The bunny will have the chance of carrying a limited edition eye, available only from this bunny.

Additionally, there are special limited edition Easter foods available from the Ozimals shops and on Marketplace; these will become collectibles, instead of disappearing, when their servings are exhausted. The foods come with delightful extra bonuses, including a Happiness Totem, which boosts the Happiness of surrounding bunnies, and will last until the end of the elite kindling period.