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The KittyCatS update has been released in the nick of time.  Some updates turn up out of the blue, some updates seem to be a saving grace for the breedable, this update sort of feels like they were sitting back and waiting for the panic to start till they pulled it into view with a TaDa!!  I started to hear about the KittyCatS sky falling shortly after my return from being away and it really is such a relief that there is a happy kittycat ending to this story.  The new excitement in this release is noted below from the notecard released in group.  Another new happydance moment for me was discovering the collars have been released.  I have been patiently (sort of) waiting for the release of the promised Kitty Collars, which we have previously only seen on special releases.  I wasn’t let down by the release of a sweet variety of collars for a reasonable price (phew) which makes them very tempting to add to your favourite kittys.  My favourite Kitty is my starter, she’s just a plain ol’ kitty but she continues to give me rockin boxes time after time.

Kitty Collars

I do breed KittyCatS and love them dearly, the hold option is so cute and I love to sit my kittens on my shoulder as I go about my business.  I feel sort of guilty that I don’t mention them here on the blog often enough, but I do find it hard to blog about breedables I am actively breeding.  Strange I know.  I think it has something to do with the emotional involvement I have as a breeder and I don’t want to use the blog to pout about my personal experience, although I am sometimes tempted.  I rarely have the need to pout about the KittyCatS mind you, although I was disappointed at the cost of the HUD considering most breedables supply them as part of the package.  KittyCatS are a sweet breedable with many features I am impressed with, their marketing strategy being one of them.  KittyCatS have managed to draw alot of new people into the game by reaching out to non-breeders which I see as the only long term method of making a breedable sustainable.  Breeders are always looking for a bargain and shoot themselves in the foot by lowering market prices in the determination to get those low prices.  Fashionistas that are used to paying 3000L for a new skin or 1000L for a new outfit have a different outlook on spending money in SL, so kudos to Callie Cline and the team.

Melting Moment, my Kitty brings me a ball!

I absolutely heart the new activity that is part of the update and I so want a teacup kitty.  My girl Coco was a little slow to begin but once she started chasing the ball, that magically appeared, around the yard and then picked it up in her mouth and brought it too me I almost melted into a puddle of Kittylove.  There hasn’t been any news of a special Easter KittyCatS but if there is I hope they are for sale after the weekend or I’ll miss out and that will certainly be a pout moment, lol.  Now for the news:


★  Introducing:  The Menagerie and our own currency: The Kitty Dollars (K$) !!

The Menagerie is a place where KittyCatS! live and play in bliss forever. When you send a KittyCat (or kitten box) to The Menagerie, you will get in return “Kitty Dollars” (K$) that can be spent at the KittyCatS! store. Each KittyCatS sent in will reward you with K$50, or 50 Kitty Dollars. The age, type or health of cat does not matter, and yes, this means you can send in sick cats as well.  The ability to use your Kitty Dollars will be available next week when all our vendors are updated so you can pay with your “KittyCash” or Lindens.  In the future we will have exclusive items available only with Kitty Dollars. You can check your “KittyCash” balance on the menu at anytime by clicking on your cat and then clicking “Menagerie”. Exchange rate for the K$ to the L$ is 2.5 :1, which means 2,5 K$ are 1 L$.

★ Introducing:  “Let’s Play!”

 A new interaction where you and your KittyCatS can play!  Your KittyCatS will run and play with a ball you throw, then bring it back to you! Loads of fun! (*note: the throw animation was made by IsabellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice)

★ Introducing: TeaCups & Toys:

 Teacup & Toy KittyCatS will be our counterpart for RL Teacup & Toy cats. These are miniature cats, even when they are full grown! The chances on birthing a TeaCup or Toy KittyCat are entirely random. All current KittyCats can give birth to TeaCups or Toys, so no need to buy new starter cats.  TeaCups are the smallest and Toys are a bit bigger, but not as big as normal cats. For some pictures & Info about RL Teacups & toys, check:
& (toys are mentioned only briefly, but its a common expression in the breeding world.)


★  Talk button: turn On/Off your KittyCat’s ability to say things about your shoes & how wonderful you smell…
★  Tool to remove collars available in the store next week at no cost. This means your boy cat wont be saying in the future, ‘Why did you put this girly collar on me?” 0h, hmm if it did, you could always turn of its ability to talk.
★   Boxes broadcast their information to a channel one time when born. This should allow the development of 3rd party tools that detect new boxes. (information can be requested from KittyCats Resident)
★  For KittyCatS HUD owners: Position is now shown in the info output when you click the stats part of the HUD. This is an easy way to teleport to your kitten. (note: fully updated KittyCatS HUD which reflects the new options will be sent out  next week to HUD owners.)


★  Character Limit for names is now 50. Existing names longer than 50 characters will be kept.


★ Perma-Pets™ will sleep now (oops…)
★ Boxes that are transferred to someone else can now be renamed.
★ Cats will set a new home position when “dropped” on a different sim if they were attached.
★ Appearance for cats which had been sick more than one time is now correct when they are healed or made into Perma-Pets™.
★ Sides of collars fixed.

That sums up our second update! Again, thank you for your continued support, feedback and enthusiasm! Enjoy!

The KittyCatS! Team.


In the coming 24 hours your cats will start to show an “UPDATE ME”  tag.
As soon as they do, the UPDATE button will be available in your cats menu to obtain an updater.
As of that point, you have 2 weeks to update your cats.
Make sure you have about 30 prims available when you run the updater.

EASY AS 1,2,3 updating steps:

1. Click the “UPDATE” button in the menu of your cat and it will give you an updater.
2. Rez the Updater
3. Click the “can of Update” and watch it as it updates all your cats and boxes!

No need to move cats, re rez them, group them, travel to sandboxes, pull your hair, or anything! It’s REALLY that easy. 🙂 yay!
All settings for your cat will be kept, including the group. Only if you had a cat or box for sale, you will have to put them for sale again…

Update to v1.05 is here!

KittyCatS web

KittyCatS sim


9 thoughts on “KittyCatS | Update 1.05

  1. Thank you Tracy for the kind review! We’re glad you are happy with it. You’ll also be pleased to know that our Spring Collection KittyCatS – Lazy Dayzies – will be available in store for 8 days beginning April 23, 2011. So plenty of time to pick some up and avoid the pouts! 🙂

  2. Now would be nice if the Kittycats staff would stop showing favor to a few of the so called breeders who Callie buddies with.

    It would be nice for once to have a even fair breedables market but looks like we never will in any breedable.Til then Aurora Jacks and her partner,and Foxyjen can continue running all over the grid talking about how good friends they are while pulling out all the rare cats out of thin air.

    1. Hey Pauly D, why dont you message me inworld and we can discuss how I pull my cats out of thin air, the process of buying a pair of say Russian Whites as soon as you can and breeding them to make more is actually part of breeding. I have bred another animal and now only breed and love KittyCatS. I have applied the same philosophy to both, buy a pair of the ones I love and breed those. I am sorry you have to sink to calling me a cheater, but stop by my shop or Message me and I can show you whatever you need to know, but please don’t smear my name on the Net! Kthanks , and Tracy, Great Blog!!

  3. what i would like to know is why it seems the kittycats market prices has suddenly gone down so quickly. i keep scratching my head over this. many breeds once shown sold for 6000l, are now priced 1000 l to 500l at times. others i have seen for 88l and 100l and prices like these. it seemed to have started in the first half of april but i could be wrong. i am confused. why the sudden shift? i am still trying to peice the peices togather. could any of you know the reason? i am new to breedables so seeing the market shift like this has me puzzled, thats for sure!

  4. Aurora Jacks is one of the most honest and hardworking people that I know in second life. She’s a successful business owner and doesn’t need to be given anything from the creators of Kittycats. If youve been to any auctions or around in breedables at all you would know this. Your assumptions based on no facts make you look ignorant. Maybe you should try doing some more investigating than just assuming. Kristoffer Juneau is also one of the most honest and straight forward people you will meet, he has been around for a very long time and is well known to pick things up at auctions he likes.

  5. @PaulyD Yep, i sure am friends with Callie. Callie is a great person, and AMAZING designer and smart business woman. Yes we do have an extensive collection of cats, and yes we have spent a small FORTUNE on them. If you had even remotely half a brain you would ask around and know that we dont get handed, given, or any favoritism whatsoever. We bought 2 Russian whites, 2 Russian blacks, and 2 Russian Blues for all well over 150k when they first were on the market. Our starters have only ever given us a Russian Blue after we bought those. Do we breed lots of good cats from our starters, well yes….we have almost 200! We get the same percentage of duds as everyone else.

    Callie and the rest of KittyCats team are way to smart as business people to be so stupid as to give anyone an unfair advantage. And yes I sure do praise KittyCats for what they do, but I also will be the first to point out something I am not happy with. Go look in their forums, I am not all kiss ass all the time like some people like you claim. I give extremely honest feedback and they have made the best breedable out their in my opinion and I will openly say that. But like i said in the forums I am not a fan of the toys/teacups and I let it be known. Also I dont even know the other two owners like at all, and the one is the scripter.

    So when you have proof or anything remotely resembling proof that we are shown ANY favoritism at all, please enlighten us. Just one example, please i really would like to hear.

    Taylor, excellent blog and I apologize someone like that had to post a comment totally unrelated. Keep up the good work.

  6. Uhm…I don’t even have that good of cats, I never talk in group chat or brag about anything..I think u have me confused. Furthermore I’m not even friends with aurora…please get your facts straight before using my name!!

  7. I can say with absolute certainty that we wouldn’t stake our personal and professional reputations on something like engineering it so certain people get better cats over others. It’s absolutely pointless to do something so foolish. There are absolutely no perks to being a KittyCatS staff member, or a friend of a staff member…unless you consider it a perk to have an easier time tracking us down when you have a complaint! LOL!

    @Bellahaye: what you are seeing is the market settling post-launch. It’s not unusual at all for prices in the secondary market to be incredibly high following a new release when demand for the new product is high and the supply is low, and then settle into something more reasonable (or lower) as the supply rises to meet and/or exceed demand. 🙂

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