Meeroos | The Great Migration

There was a big shock in store for Meeroo Beta Testers today with an unexpected mass exodus of wandering Meeroos.  I had just been tossing over doing a post on how big my sweet Meeroos were getting when I discovered an email about my Meeroo’s going for a wander.  Well I know I hadn’t been spending as much time with them as I should, but surely they hadn’t lopped off in a tizz.   I was having a serious case of the guilts till I arrived inworld.

Meeroos sure are getting big. Opps, too late.

I logged on to discover I wasn’t alone (phew) in being deserted and neither were they cruel enough to whisk our meeroos away without warning.  Rather it was a mistaken early release which was due to take place on Monday (with warning).  It seems now that it has taken place early a new beta trunk will be released on Monday with some rather large fixes for a second stage of beta.  I was rather sad because I hadn’t had the chance to see mine breed yet, but breeding will happen earlier with the new release so it’s a safe bet I will during the next stage.

For more info see the blog:


So please take deep breaths and try not to panic or vent madly in group as you wait patiently till Monday.


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  1. I agree, folks need to breathe and calm down, this is what beta testing is all about. I miss my cute little Meeroos, but just breathe.

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