Easter Specials

Hi.  As I was away at Easter time I was wondering if you, our lovely readers would like to help out by supplying pictures of your lovely Easter specials.  If you would like to show off your Easter lovelies then please email a 480 x 480 png or jpeg to tracysparrowtree@hotmail.com with your sl name and the specials name (personal if you like as well as official) and I will add it below.

HunnyBunny Easter Basket
Easter HB with Jelly Apple Basket

The HunnyBunny Easter special was released via the HunnyBunny of the Month Club.  There was a basket with 4 HB eggs as well as a basket full of the special Jelly Apple food they eat.

C & C Creations Main Store

Magic Pets Easter Sparrow

The MP Easter Special and also the Spring Special Sparrow eggs are still available at the store.

Magic Pets

KittyCatS Spring Specials were released for Easter.

The stunning KittyCatS specials were a purfect combination of Spring and Easter and were released for a short time over the Easter period.


Krazy Kitty Easter Ultra Special
Frontal View of Easter Ultra II

Krazy Kitty Land