Mother’s Day Specials

Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m looking forward to breakfast in bed and sweetly crayoned cards. I also looove specials and can’t wait to see what the breedables world will have to share with us. Please pass on any pics you have and let’s see if we can get them all added here.

Blooming Butterflies Special for Mother's Day.

Blooming Butterflies have released a Mothers Day Ultra Butterfly which will be for sale from now till May 8th.  This butterfly can only be obtained by purchasing it and there is no obtaining them through birth.  So don’t miss out on chance to get this cute little critter with a sweet spring look and the words Happy Mother’s Day on it’s wings.

Blooming Butterfly Island

Mother's Day Krazy Kitty also has a heart on it's chest.

Krazy Kitty’s currently have the Ultra II Mothers Day Kitty on sale from now until May 8th.  This kitty can only be obtained by purchasing and not by birth.  So don’t miss out on the perfect mothers day gift for the special kitty loving moms.

Krazy Kitty Land