Petable | Spring Festival

Just a quick note.  While my Mother’s Day has just ended, I know that for most it is just starting.  So for a special Mother’s Day present you might like to get an early start on the Petable Spring Festival.

I’m happy to announce an event that we’re starting tomorrow on the Petable sim that will run through the end of Sunday, May 15th – the Spring Festival!  I will be hiding 20 flowers on the Petable sim.  If you owned either turtles or Rovees earlier today, you will be able to get a basket at the landing point on the Petable sim once we start the event.  Attach the basket, and hunt around the sim for the 20 flowers that I will be hiding – don’t worry, none will be underwater; they’ll all be around ground or eye level.  Once your basket is full of the 20 different flowers, you’ve completed the hunt!

If you owned at least one turtle earlier today, the next egg your turtles lay after you complete the hunt will be a Spring Festival egg.  If you owned at least one Rovee earlier today, you will have a new special butterfly Rovee accessory in your inventory HUD – just refresh it if you already had it attached.  Finally, if you had both turtles and Rovees, you’ll get both rewards!

Petable Sim

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing Mum’s out there.


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