BioBreeds | Update on the Horizon

BioBreeds will be releasing a new update sometime this week.  I have been involved with the beta testing of the new gameplay aspects of the BioBreeds dogs and I think you will find them to be very interesting and enjoyable.  German Shepherds and Dobermans are the latest teasers at the store, so keep an eye out for them in the future.  The BioBreeds dogs are becoming more and more interactive, now adding a hunting ability and I know there are already dog races taking place on the grid.  There is also the Treat Tree being released at this update, which is a very unique way to introduce a new boost to the dogs life.  The trees grow acorns, which convert to a meaty treat when clicked on.  There are also whispers of other aspects of the dogs life being introduced in the future, what they might be I’m unsure of.  For those dog lovers out there I think they will find the activity abilities combined with the opportunity to breed there own puppies will make this breedable very relevant to a wider audience in the long run.

We are very pleased to announce the coming features and changes that Update 2.0.0 will bring to your BioBreeds dogs, check them out below!

New Features and Abilities:

* Males will have 5 seeds ADDED to them during the update (regardless of how many seeds they currently have left)

* DE-SEED – Males will have the ability to remove 5 seeds after updating if you choose you do not want those added seeds (eg: a Pet Dog at 0 seeds could be reduced back to 0 seeds again with the click of a button)

* The ability to HUNT! You will be able to instruct your dog to look for/sense objects or avatars while you walk around. All you will need to do is say in local “<dog name> find <object/avatar name>. We will also be holding hunts for you to participate in if you choose to.

* ATTACHMENTS! You will be able to get a free attachment making kit to create your own ONE PRIM attachments for your dogs (full instructions included in the kit) We will also give some starter attachments away and sell some others in the stores.

* HEAVEN – we have created the ability to send your dogs to heaven in exchange for points. These points will then be used to purchase items from Heaven such as food, treats and other items (still adding to and preparing the Heaven items).

* TREATS – We are releasing treats to boost happiness (5% boost per treat) that will in turn speed up your breeding process some if you choose to use them. Fertility is dependent on happiness, so a boost to happiness (max 10% boost at any given time) will help to build fertility a little faster. The ‘find’ feature (HUNT) is also affected by happiness, the happier the dog, the greater the sensor range is to locate items.

* TREATS TREE – There will be a treats tree available to purchase from our stores that will grow over a period of 7 days (average) before it starts producing acorns. Each store bought tree will come with 28 acorns that will drop over a 2 week period (2 treats per day) after the tree has matured. Acorns that have dropped to the ground can then be converted to treats! Once your tree has run out of acorns you will be able to pay your tree to renew the amount of acorns it has and it will continue then to produce more acorns (without having to wait the 7 days for maturity of a new tree) Trees are No Transfer, Treats are Transfer. (Acorns that are not touched, converted or picked up within 4 days from falling off the tree will poof).

* BONDING! The ability to bond a male and a female has been implemented in the update. Once you have bonded 2 dogs together they will only mate with each other when their stats are right to mate. If you change your mind after bonding… don’t worry, you can UNBOND! Simply select UNBOND from the menu of the bonded dog to break their bond.
NOTE: Bonding is a two way process. You would bond BOTH dogs to each other. So you would click bond on your male, select the female you want him to bond with, you would then select Bond on THAT females menu and Bond her to that male – this is referred to as a ‘hard bond’ FULL DETAILS will be provided with the update. (Future updates will break the bond and your dogs will require re-bonding after updating).


Update Notes – some of the fixes and changes:

* Fix applied to the Breeding with Anyone’s setting.

* Fix applied to the food bowl setting of Anyone’s.

* Fix applied to males mating multiple times in one breeding cycle.

* Change to puppy boxes so they chat the stats first before offering the pedigree link.

* Some changes to the menu buttons.

* Change to follow command – your dogs will now follow closer and randomly in front and behind you.

* Change made to pregnancy and cooldown hours left display. (0 hrs will only display if there has been a problem birthing. 1 hr pregnant = up to 1 hour remaining till box appears)

* 0 seed sick dogs will be HEALED upon updating them.

* Change to the 0 seed dogs requiring a portion foodbowl – they no longer require portions to be in the bowl after updating.

* Change to Hover Text on food bowls and Updater – You can now TURN OFF hover text on your food and updaters as well as your dogs and puppy boxes.


When your dog has been updated the settings will default. What this means is:
– The home point will be set to where your dog is when updated (make sure to set home next to the food or update in range of food).
– Range will default to 5 m
– Movement will default to OFF.

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