KittyCatS | Relay For Life Kittys

On May 14th KittyCatS released a special Kitty for the Relay for Life event, benefiting the American Cancer Society.  The new Kitty is the Season of Hope collection, which is themed for the seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  The artwork is original and of the high quality that has become the norm with KittyCatS.  The Kitty’s will be available until July 17 and there are 4 new eye colours being released in the collection and the Seasons of Hope KittyCatS can carry one of the 4 New Eye Colors in the collection as their secondary Eye genes.

Seasons of Hope KittyCatS

There is also a new breed and/or coat as part of this release which can only be discovered through breeding.  The new traits will be in normal starter packs after the Relay for Life event.  The Kittys come with their own matching special collars and include two week’s worth of food and an exclusive set of specially designed texture change furniture made by Barnesworth Anubis.  The specials are random but boxes are trans and there will be a swap held at the KittyCatS store today at noon SLT.

Big Kittys on Display

There are a number of places you can pick up the Kitty, and you will find those in the info nc available in the group.  The display area is very impressive though and well worth going to take a look at.
KittyCatS Display

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