Meeroos | Gone Missing?

I was called away suddenly to a family emergency this week and just returned today.  The first thing I noticed was my Meeroos had gone missing.  Their stump looked rather lonely without the little guys crowding around.  I’ve really enjoyed beta with the Meeroos and was finding myself challenged in working out the fussiness of their breeding preferences, endeared by their affectionate nature and maddened by the questions of the Oracle.

Where Oh Where have my cute Meeroos gone?

There is a happy ending to the disappearing Meeroos of course, it means beta is over and the release is imminent.  More imminent for those that pre-ordered of course.  Pre-order will be released on Wednesday, May 18th beginning at 2pm SLT, the pre-ordered trunks will be delivered automatically so make sure you accept it and aren’t in busy mode.  The delivery will happen any time after 2pm SLT that the delivery system finds you online, so there is no concern if you aren’t on at exactly the right time.

The open public launch will be on Saturday, May 21st at 2pm SLT and can be picked up at two locations:


Haute Couture

There are promising mentions of the elements of the storyline that will unfold during gameplay and there is also mention of “something has been discovered that we will be bestowing upon all of our Open Beta Testers who stuck with us until the end in the very near future, as our gift to you”.   Hrm I wonder what that could be…….

The Time Has Come….

A Thank You and Kirsten Viewer Teaser


PS please delete all Meeroo related items in preparation for launch.