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Pet Peddlers released the eagerly awaited V3 recently.  The predators where part of this update and this means there is now a chance of breeding a predator fish from your current fish.  This is also a unique way of culling your own fish and getting rid of any you don’t want.  A predator bowl can be picked up from the main store for free and with this you can store your unwanted fish in until it comes time to feed your predator.

PS There was a competition for the first Predator’s birthed the first prize being 3000 L and the second prize of 1000L.  Congrats to cwboynheart Bravin on getting the first Predator which was a Blue Spot Stingray the second prize is still up for grabs as far as I know at this moment. 

Pet Peddlers Fish Version 3.0 Release Notes

Pet Peddlers recommends to stop all fish prior to update. This can be done in 2 ways: /3 all stop or /3 all home. This will make sure your fish do not swim out of the updaters reach while it isupdating your fish.

Many bugs have been addressed in this update. Some minor changes to the way the fish work.

Bonding / Multiple Tagging Issues
Bonding – Some fish were not holding bond and breeding with other fish. This is now corrected.
Multi Tagging – Male fish were were still breeding multiple times while in cool down. This has now been corrected.

Hovering Text & Fish Color
The hovering text remains red when starved and now changes to green when sick.
The fish will no longer change to green when sick.

Parents Stats
The parents stats now use a different format so that they don’t fill your screen.
Errors on parents stats are corrected.
Both mother and father show at the same time.
Due to the new system, all current fish will not show their parents names. I have added at the end of the stats the parents UUID to help with this issue.
All fish born after the v3.0 update will show parents name.

Rolling Restarts
As some of you know, after a rolling restart some fish were getting locked up and had to be rerezed. This issue has been corrected and will no longer require the rerezing of the fish.
Rolling restarts have also been causing some issues with scripts in general, not just fish. This is that the scripts seem to get shut down, this is a SL issue and I will be monitoring it to see what happens.
If there is a fix found for this, we will implement it and release an update at that time.

No Data Bags
Baby bags that have been born but did not receive their data can now be touched to attempt to collect their data again. I recommend waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes after a bag is birthed to touch it.
This will NOT work once a bag is picked up and rerezed.

Version 3.0 now includes the possibility to get a predator. Predators will only eat from the Predator Feeders. Some predators will eat at a higher rate than other fish. Don’t worry, the most a predator will eat is 4 servings per hour instead of the standard 2 servings. This is due to their real life appetites.
Predators will breed with all other fish including predators.
Parents stats will be that of a starter fish on a first gen predator. 2nd gen and up will all have the standard parents data.
These will not be easy to get, and are meant to be rare.

New Breeds & Genetics
Version 3.0 will include new breeds and new genetics.
What you ask? That is yet to be seen…………….

Predator Feeder
Do to some changes we will have to update the predator feeders. This will be a manual update process done by a Pet peddlers Staff Member (CSR).
The process to get your feeder updated is very simple: Go to the main store and get a new feeder after the update is released. File a support ticket. A CSR will contact you in 48 hours or less.
This was done for a few reasons. The biggest reason is so that we can have the feeders post to the server so there is a record of you feeder points in case SL eats it.
Feeders will now be Trans.
Feeders will now have the ability to pass servings from one feeder to another.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in group and we will do our best to get you an answer as fast as we can.

The Pet Peddlers Team

PP Main Store