Fairwell, Adieu

Binc has always been a community service from my point of view and I thank those friends, loved ones and acquaintances that have made it worth doing.  I have struggled with concerns over my ability to adequately fulfill that task and now I find myself far too busy to maintain Binc let alone grow it to what I know it could be.   Neither do I have the resources available to continue in sl with breedables, so Breedables Lovers it’s time for me to go.  I have been feeling the pressure to either go bigger or get out for awhile now and I suppose this is my answer.  My Second Life (With Pets) will do a fine job of filling the void I feel, although if someone is genuinely interested in taking over and continuing with the vision of Binc I am open to that possibility.

I have a few stories that I want to finish up and I want to have a look at these new dragons that are out, so I will hang around till my rent runs out in a week and a half if anyone needs to contact me about anything.  I have some things for sale at Binc HQ if you would like to support me in that way and will probably put more out as I clear out some inventory (or things sell and make room for more).  I am posting this now to make sure I actually go through with it, but you will see a few more posts from me before I poof.


Tracy Sparrowtree


2 thoughts on “Fairwell, Adieu

  1. Tracy i just want to thank you and your staff for always keeping up with all the breedables on SL.. We all love breedables and I personally have used this site almost everyday. Goodluck with everything in SL and RL this website will be missed

  2. I know I haven’t commented on your blog (chalk that up to being somewhat shy) but I thank you for your hard work — trust me, I know how much hard work and time goes into this! Between Binc and TCD, I was introduced to breedables and inspired to write about them. I’ve attended some of the same opening events as you have in the past but I never worked up the nerve to say hello, so please let this be my greeting to you! Yes, I realize I’m saying hello as you are bidding farewell. That’s just how I roll sometimes. 🙂 On that note, I’m super-honored by your kind words and your link to my blog! Thank you!

    I also want to say that it’s not unusual for a blogger to need to take a step away from things as life turns in different directions. I’ve taken breaks from mine, which can actually be very helpful and healthy in the long run. I hope that time will be kind and that inspiration will strike you to return when you can!

    Please take care and thanks for all you do!

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