The Breeder Chronicles | Zwickys

Well its been 2 weeks since the Zwicky have gone into general release and I love them. They are everything I like about other breedables rolled up into 1 with a few add ons.

The breeding is interesting enough and the lack of a confusing HUD is a definite improvement over some, although the basic RGB color schemes might throw some off.  But hang on to them the colors  DO get better.

The flying aspect is really cool.  No more eggs or stuff getting lost in the ground or among Grasses you may have for them to roam around in.  Plus its really neat to have something fly up to you and greet you when you rez into your land.

The fighting is also a really interesting addition to the breed able market.  It wouldn’t surprise me that other breedables will add this to their creatures that exist or the ones coming down the pipeline.

There is one or two drawbacks to them.  You have to time the males readiness with that of the female to be sure you don’t lose it.  Males stay ready for a short time while the females remain ready until they breed.  So my suggestion is that you let the females “Mature” somehow first and then let the male get ready

Another place that I see a learning curve in is the fact that once a male calls theres a chance they might misfire.  What I mean by this is theres a chance that even though you waited all the time for them to get ready and to mate… it might not be successful.

And finally the price.  Don’t let the price of the initial set throw you.  Yes its higher than the other breedables but the investment is worth it.  OR you can go to those who have already produced them to buy the later generations that are starting to show up and buy a food orb and there ya go… Zwicky breeding on the “cheap” PLUS you bypass the Starter RGB dilemma.  I’ve both produced and seen some really nicely colored 1st generations.


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