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The KittyCatS have their Perma-Pet Pills on sale this weekend.  This means they are 50% off but they still cost 900L or 2250 K$.  Your Kitty’s need to be 120 days old to apply them and it will change your kitty into a non-eating, non-breeding pet.

I think the perma-pet idea is a great one, but I’m not so keen on the price.  My starter kittys are nearly 120 days old now and I really was going to buy some pills and give them eternal life, not that they are special in breed but they sure have worked so hard for me and given me a bunch of great kittys.  After considering the price though I realised it would be a much wiser use of my L’s to just go ahead and say bye bye and buy another Starter Pack for 599L if I had the money.  While I think that generally the prices of the KittyCatS vitamins, accessories etc are very reasonable I think this particular accessory is excessive in price.  I can understand that profits are lost in the making of a permapet, but it is unlikely people are going to run around making all their kitty’s permapets because that defeats the purpose and thrill of breedables.  On the other hand sl is always second place to rl and accessories like permapet pills, huds and vitamins can make breeding in sl more convenient and are a service to the breeders that will continue to support a breedable company over time.  The people that are going to make a kitty into a permapet and then go on their merry way were unlikely to ever breed in the first place.

Certainly this sale is a great opportunity for those breeders that have alot of Kitty dollars, or who have been waiting and wanting to turn their pets into permapets to take advantage.  Certainly my opinion may not be a popular one and I do appreciate that there is an option to turn the kittys into a permapet, which is something that more breedables should be adding I think.

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3 thoughts on “KittyCatS | PermaPet Sale

  1. I think the permapet idea is a great one, and while I think the regular permapet price is a bit high, I can somewhat understand it. I think 900L as a regular price (let alone a half off price) is ridiculous for 120 day old cats. 120 day old cats can no longer breed as it is, they can only eat. As a breeder, one has already been paying KittyCatS for food for four months, so to pay a high price for a permapet option is quite silly. I think *maybe* 500L as the full price for the permapet 120 and 250L as the half price option is more in line with the idea that people have already fed these cats for four months (not to mention vitamins, milk, etc.)

  2. Yes Kimberly,
    I had a bit of a duh moment after posting this as I realised the company isn’t missing out on anything really if people choose to permapet, the breeding span is over so people are likely to just delete them anyway. Really it’s just paying for the privelege to keep them around, not for any loss of revenue on their part. I agree that 500L is a far more realistic price and it was the price I was tossing around in my head also.

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