Meeroos | Clover Beta Baby

For anyone who was in closed beta and open beta group…

They were sent a special gift!

It was a meeroo…a clover meeroo!

clover meeroo
clover meeroo

It is very different from any Meeroo on the grid right now. It’s dark green and light green with beautiful eyes.

I got a clover because I was apart of the open beta. It is adorable. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I and myself are very thankful to get this wonderful gift. Here are her stats:

Gender: Female
Personality: Aggressive
Age: 0.25
Max Size: 7
Species: Prism
Coat: Clover
Eyes: Sunrise/Diurnal/Clear
Hair: Fluff Only
Head: Normal
Ears: Normal
Tail: Normal

I love her! I love the HUD, the game, the sounds they make…everything!

With getting this clover Meeroo, you have a chance of getting the different head, ears and tail traits. But if you breed this Meeroo, the color and eyes will not pass onto its baby. These are very special only for the beta testers, so keep your special friend close to your heart.

Thanks to all the open and closed beta testers for helping to get these cute critters on the market!!! Have fun with your Meeroos, everyone!