Hi! I’m cat mcminnar

I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself and say how happy I am to be asked to contribute to this wonderful Blog!

For the uninitiated it is a great guide to all the breedables in sl and for those of us who are time limited, a great place to keep upto date with the latest  breedable products, release dates, updates etc.

I’ve been in sl for 3 years in August, and with my partner UB ventured into the world of the breedable pet  soon after joining.  In 2008 the breedable options were limited, and as far as I’m aware Sionchickens were the forerunners in this area (correct me if I’m wrong) and to this day we still have our much loved chickens.  As more  breedables joined the arena we found ourselves needing more and more land until  we eventually decided a farm would be appropriate for our ever growing menagerie. So off we went to seek out pastures new and opened our beloved farm which we still have to this day.

 I have heard so many people regard their love of the pixelated pet as an addiction, for me the jury is still out on that, I certainly like to try out new and wonderful creations but addicted? If you ask UB  he would say “YES you are!” can you be a little bit addicted? ok , well maybe :-). Whatever you call it, many of us have a love of them, from the recreation of our most beloved real life pets and plants to the more bizzare other worldly creations…. they tickle our imagination and inspire some of us to be creative and others to just enjoy the amazing results of all the talented creators in sl.

So, I will do my best to add a little something to your week by posting information about things old and new, and will be donning my micro avatar to do a little  snooping,  incognito of course (giggles) to see what I can find out 😉

Thank you Tracy for the opportunity to join this wonderful team. I’m wearing my running shoes to keep up.