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While wandering around looking for the Bregon Dragons the other night I stumbled upon Pixa Fairies, also created by Wraith Designs.  They have a variety of ‘types’ of Fairies which are of course breedable.  The Fairies come with a staff for gathering points, a home which is shaped like a star and interestingly a Breeding Tree.  The food and water is very pretty, all the accessories are well done actually.

Green star for Home, Blue star is the base of the Breeding Tree...

You can have the motion turned off, which also removes the sparkles, let them fly 5m or they will dance, which seems to mean they move up and down vertically in the same spot.  There is also stand, which keeps them still, but they will change position slightly.  The ones I saw on display were very interesting and I particularly liked the mer breed.  The starter pack gave me 4 eggs to hatch which are all type R, breeding will release other breeds.  I have only had them for a couple of days and so far my limited experience is they are pretty and sparkly and like to fly around.

My 4 were all the same breed...

Pixa – the Breed-able fairies

Thank you for your interest in Pixa, and we hope you will enjoy and have a great time seeing them growing, breeding , playing .. etc.

The Pixa Comes in 4 different types – R, M, D, P  – however,  the starter kit / mega kit / 4 eggs pack and 1 egg pack will give you Pixa type R only –  all other types come by breeding.

What you will need to start is:
1)  1 egg, at least

2)  1 flower-food  (this is good for all your  fairies together within 20m  up to 15 days)

3)  1 flower-water  (this is good for all your  fairies together within 20m  up to 15 days)

4) Staff of Jewel – (optional) – this will make your fairies happier and you will be rewarded – DETAILS ARE BELOW

5) Magical Jewels – (some are optional) –   DETAILS ARE BELOW

6) Breeding Tree – (optional)  For when you are ready to breed your pixa

**** each sold separately ****

it is simple and will not require much of your time to create a huge family of fairies

All fairies are transferable – from eggs to adults .

Here is how you can start-

Hatching and growing process:

1- Drag the egg from your inventory and drop it where you want it to hatch.

2- Touch the egg to start the hatching process –

3- The egg will change to a baby fairy and rezzes at different heights for each.

4- Put the food-flower near the (within 20 m)  of the fairies and keep it there as long as you want them to grow otherwise they will stop growing / functioning – starving fairy will stand upside down and emits flowers ( YOU WILL NOT HAVE access to the menu).

Babies’ menu consists of :

Stand:  to keep them standing in their position with little movement.

name: click on “name” and then type the name you like in the local chat box – you need to be within 20 m from the baby to do so. Type “no name” – without quotes in local chat if you don’t want the baby to have a name.

stats: this option will give you the age of the baby , type, food , and happiness.

Fly 5m: this will keep the pixa roaming in a circle of 5 m in radius.

Stand: to keep them standing in their position.

motion off: it will turn all movement off

change : To customize the look of your Pixa

Dance: to let your pixa dance.

Customizing your Pixa can be done by using the  Jewels which are a 1 time use, and they are valid for all stages of their life. however you can use each jewel toward as many fairies as you want as long as they are within 10 m of the jewel.  Click  on the Pixa you want to change and choose “change” then “change” again from menu, then select which you want to change .. eyes, dress, or wings .. etc (you must have the correct jewel for what you want to change – available at our shop ) , then click on the jewel and choose from menu. The Jewel will disappear after that and you your Pixa will have the new look.

Don’t forget to keep the food within 20 m of them.  AND the water  – without water your pixa’s will turn to black .

PIxa D will have horns that you can buy a separate jewel for.
Pixa P will have a necklace that you can change color using the right jewel.
6-Pixas will change to youth After the 2 days.

Youths menu consists of :

all options you have in the baby-stage plus:

fly 10m: this will keep the pixa roaming in a circle of 10 m in radius.

Once again, make sure to have the food within 20 m from them otherwise they will stop functioning after a while, and the water if you dont want them to be all colored in black

7- Youths will change to adults after 6 days from the time you hatched the egg. Adults can do all the things youths can do, PLUS they can

follow: choosing this option will make your Pixa  to follow you and breed

I don’t think that i need to remind you about the food and water again.

ALL pixa will live for 75 days and they die after that, leaving pixa gem as a reward that you can bring to the shop to redeem for an egg.
9- Each Pixa can lay down certain number of eggs during her life as follows:

R: 8 eggs – 1 egg every 5 days
M: 10 eggs – 1 egg every 5 days
D: 12 eggs – 1 egg every 4 days
P: 14 eggs – 1 egg every 4 days

– first egg will be ready after 5 / 4 days respectively when the adult stage starts.  there must be the breeding tree around the Pixa – ****AND – CLOSER THAN ANY OTHER thing to her (including other pixa)**** put the Pixa you want to breed on top of the star.


after clicking on breed and you have the tree ready for that – an egg will be delivered to you.

DO NOT PLACE 2 TREES owned by SAME OWNER within 45 m.

The type of the egg you get will be based on the type of the Pixa you breed:

Pixa R will give  :  85% R , 10% M, 4% D , 1% P
Pixa M will give  :  50% R , 40% M, 8% D , 2% P
Pixa D will give  :  32% R , 25% M, 40% D , 3% P
Pixa P will give  :  20% R , 30% M, 30% D , 20% P


you can check when is the next egg will be ready and the number of eggs remaining by choosing stats from the menu.



for 15 days  (flower) works on all Pixa of all types.

Pixa will only use owner’s food. DO NOT deed the food to groups.

Food  is enough to supply ALL number of fairies as long as they are within 20 m.  Please note that you need to put the food back into your inventory, food will be consumed even if there are no pixa’s around.

Pixa will stop functioning / growing If you forget to add new food supply after the time is over – the percentage of how much food is left can be checked via the counter on the top of the flower. Simply rezz a new one within 20 m of the pets and they will be back to life – it may take up to 20 mins to bring them back to life – Pixa will  stand upside down  if out of food and they will not function and ***you CAN NOT access the menu during that time***

It is the same for water. valid for all type of pixa’s as long as you own the food and the water. Pixa’s need to be within 20 m from water or they will turn to all black.


Staff of Jewel

Place the staff within 20 m of the pixas and start collecting points when your fairies are happy.  Touch the staff  when you gain 350 points and a pixa jewel will be sent to you.  Bring the jewel to Teagan sim (Wraith Dragons Temple)  and find the staff jewels statue inside the shop .

Place the jewel within 20 m of the statue and click , then choose egg or food from the menu.

DO NOT PLACE more then 1 staff within a circle of 40 m diameter, otherwise you will lose the staff and all your points. A staff owned by others can be placed at any location. but they will only collect points from bregons owned by the same owner.

Pixa -Home

you can locate all your Pixa’s  by placing the locater anywhere at your place and click on it. you will get messages of pixa’s positions  in x , y , Z.

you can also use the WD-Pixa home to turn all movements off on all your pixa’s by clicking on choosing stop from menu


Thanks again and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions  or concerns and we will do our best to help you.

Wraith Designs.

Wraith Designs Pixa