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I have been playing around with the Rainimals Bunnies for a few weeks now and I must say they are heaps of fun.  I call them my crazy rabbits, because they well, are a little crazy.  They love to jump very high, play with their crazy toys and chat away randomly.  Along with the Bunnies, sheep and now wolves have been released, they all interact in some way and all have supercute and original accessories.  The breedables require food, and toys, and both come in wide range of options, from fruit and veges, flowers and mushrooms and even regrowing crops.  Even some of the toys act as food, like the pizza oven that delivers pizza’s which the rabbits can then eat, or the candy machine .. I think you get the idea.

Rainimal Rabbits enjoying their habitat...

Rainimals are the brainchild of RainO Tenk and Spume Shepherd and they certainly are original and quirky.  “I like the cocktails with the frou frou umbrellas”, “Bartender I will have a Rabbit Rogers”, “Bunny be safe now”, “I’m dreaming of chasing dogs” and “Watching Tracy Sparrowtree” are just some of the random things my rabbits tell me.  They are automatically given their own names, some of which are a bit odd and also reflect their type.  My rabbits for example are Dorothea the Minotaur-Rabbit,  David the Rusky-Rabbit and their first son Ernst the Missing-Rabbit, which was a real concern to me when he was born, lol.  Although he is 20 days old now he still says he is a child so I presume he will have to leave his Mother and Father before he becomes a man.  Some rabbits have costumes, like the Mexican rabbit or Cowboy rabbit and each has it’s own personality.  Don’t let them fool you, they might be innocent but the AI behind Rainimals is very impressive, they really do have artificial intelligence (even the not so intelligent ones).  They have their own preferences and cravings and will let you know if they feel they need something.  They require food, water and shelter as basic needs but they also enjoy toys and may have a craving for a particular food.  The Rainimals don’t have a home point and neither can you set them to home, but where there food etc is, they will be also.  This means that you can spread their things in a tight circle or all over a sim and they will roam within that area.  From personal experience it isn’t a good idea to spread there things out to close to a deep watersource or you might have to go looking for them alot.

The Sheep are very Anime looking and also have interesting types....

I see these breedables as not so much a moneymaking breedable but just lots of fun, these would be perfect for someone that has some land and loves to have a laugh.  You could fill a whole sim with the various foods, toys and fun things that they have, including trees and other things that make for a beautiful landscape.  All of which also encourage the Rainimals to move around and enjoy themselves.  The Sheep and Rabbits interact, with the rabbits teasing the sheep and eating their food.  The wolves, which are still in testing will also play a part, you can keep them fed with bought meat or allow them to naturally cull your rabbits and sheep at an average of 1 or 2 per week.  These would be the perfect breedable for a non-breeder.

Rainimals are constantly adding to the variety of accessories they have (it’s impossible to keep up) and if you’ve had an odd thought in your head you may well find it on sale at their store.  The rabbits like to play the piano, read books and chase birds, jump on their own trampoline and play with the hose.  If you would like to see them on display visit Rainimals Area 42 where you will see the rabbits, sheep and wolves happily roaming around in their natural environment.  They really are worth looking at, even if it’s just for a laugh.

Oh the prices may seem high, but the things that run out are very reasonable and the higher priced items are usually a one off cost, the group is very helpful and even generous to newcomers, so don’t get scared off to quickly.

??????? Need a little technical from RAIN on the performance of the Rainimals and effects for the techno nerds to oooh and aww at??????

Rainimals are based on Wildlife Reactions and Actions in the WILD.
Captured in Nature and Brought to your Sim to Enhance your INWorld Experience.
We hope that this type of intelligence in wildlife becomes the next generation of the Living Experience Second Life Provides.

Getting Started:

The Rainimals system as mentioned above is based on Wild Life and the Actions you may get from a real Animal, Which means there is very little to do for them except make sure they have a Habitat.

Simply Rez your Rainimal and the magic begins!

First you will see that the animals will initialize and come alive.  The Animals is now becoming the unique special animal of the Species you have purchased.  Every Animal will be born with a Unique Name. Unique Lineages are only assigned to a newly purchased animal not a child.

Among each Species there are Many Variations of Breeds, which include Color, Attitude, Energy, well just about every thing about the new animal will be unique. This is based on a huge based of Random Variables given by the DNA after Rezzed.   There are many different Specials which are only determined at the first rezzing.

So now you have Rezzed your first Animal, What Now?
Well as all animals they need a suitable Habitat.  This is another Unique Experience Rainimals Produces.
You will need Water and Food.  Starter Kits include these basic necessities to keep your Animal healthy and happy.

DNA is our term for Digital Natural Activities


You may touch the Rainimals to toggle the animals unique Statistics
The first toggle puts their name out only, the next toggle will turn on all statistics and then finally it will toggle to all off for a very natural setting.  These options are only available to the owner of the Rainimal.

++ Version ++ The Version Of Rainimals DNA running

++ Name  ++ The Name is Randomly Given as a Lineage and Hint of some silliness
++ **++ A New Line may appear on children to denote its lineage and ancestry of breeding.

++ Owner++ Owner of That Particular Rainimal

++ Species Sex / Age in Days  ++ This Stat is pretty Important as time moves on

++ Gens Left #  ++ Children the Animal still can have

++ Hunger ++ This is based on inputs from many things, including its DNA makeup. A more active Rainimal will eat more and require food more, where a lazy animal may not.

++ Thirst ++ Another truly innovative input value based on the DNA.

++ Love ++ Percentage Value of the Happiness

++Energy++ Percentage Value of the Fitness the Animal has based on its DNA makeup.
++ Message from Rainimals++ This is where you can almost read your Rainimals Mind, See what might peak that animals interest. See what each animals favors the most.

These Statistics are Live Values that Working Together Define the Digital Natural Activities (DNA) One feeds the other and based on its unique definitions given on rez or birth will dictate its feelings, wants, needs, hunger, thirst, activity, happiness, grumpiness and any other activity defined within the Rainimal.

Messages are an insight into each Rainimals intentions at any given moment.  Ranging from the need for food and water to even seeking out fun to entertain itself. A Fun Seeking Creature requires plenty of Love and Energy to carry out its gallivanting around.  Most Rainimals are meant to be in pairs or even groups per that species, so single animals also may be looking for company.

Fulfilling your animals “needs” will always make a happier bunny and then raising its statistics and it’s actually giving you a sense of its digital feelings.

Care and Feeding:

Food and Water are not necessary to keep the animal alive, rather the food and water keep there blood pumping and create more actions and give that animal the ability to run its natural day to day course of activities.  If the animal is not fed then it will become listless and lazy and mostly just sit there.  This is also true if you take them into the inventory. They continue to age, but will not Die or just go into a coma or something.

Of course Animals take in Food and Water and Expend Energy and Expel Waste.
It a Natural thing, so of course Rainimals Poop and after a While you may notice a few Flies buzzing around, but don’t worry they are only part of the charm of having animals.

Food and Water Supplies are Available at the stores.  There are many different types of supplies available.  Each type of supply has different predefined variables that will make your Rainimal’s Statistics increase of decrease.   There are even things that can poison the animal a bit.  The Rainimals know what they are eating and will often react in messages accordingly.

The mushrooms are similar in that they when they rez they determine what kind and how powerful they are.  Sometimes they are the finest truffle and sometimes they are poison.  Only way to tell is to rez it and sees what an Animal thinks.

Not all food is for all animals. You must get the particular food for that particular animal purchased.

Water is usually common to all the animals, you can create watering area and waterholes where all the wildlife drama is!

Fun and So much more:

The idea behind the Rainimals engine is to have an entire environment of different animals that interact with the each other and also have interaction with accessories.

Accessories are used as sought after items by the Animals.  Rainimals are not bound to fences and do not wander randomly till they bump into things. The Engine is set up to create artificial intelligent needs of the animal.  To run is to expend energy, and this requires more food.  The happier the Animal is the more affection or love a animal will show.

The Animal Owner has the ability to actually coax the Animal to travel long distances or short distances to find the satisfaction its little brain craves at that moment.

Entertainment/Television/Media- Yes, just like us the Rainimals have a few extra characteristics built in, Watching Television, Reading a Book are just a few of the items the Animal will use to pass the time and seek out in its daily activities.  Different Activities react different with each Animals actual unique DNA.

Toys- Another Accessories which are very useful to keep not only your animal happy and healthy, but allow simple items to better define the area of activities.

Other Animals – Other Animals may be in direct conflict with the food chain and natural order of species with in a habitat. Many animals may in fact be weary of even you, Wild Animals always know where a human is, but they are also aware if they are a predator or meal.  Other Rainimals will also allow you to set up your habitats in a natural order.
Separate Shelters and food sources of each species with a common water hole creates a very natural environment.

** Right now they are not scripted to kill each other, only to be very aware each other’s presence.  They will not approach natural enemies or other animals higher on the food chain.

Shelters and Homes:

The most important part of you habitat is the Shelter.  This is the Anchor for your Rainimals home.  It also adds the most important part of your Living Rainimals boost to the DNA.  Night Time Sleep is different then short naps.  Naps will be required for short boosts but the true complete power up comes from the long sleeps at night.

If you do not have a Stable then the Rainimal will sleep but it will only take the Short Naps, which will not power up the animal completely.

So you can see why a safe little place the Rainimal can call Shelter can really add a little perkiness to your little friend.

The Shelter Allows the Animal to have a home base.  The Animal will come back to the Shelter for Safety at night when it needs it protection time while it is dark.  The shelter has optional accessories that provide a night-light.


Yes of course Animals breed and if you have male and female groups of animals they are bound to get busy.
Breeding takes place at about 20-30 days for most Rainimals.  If the mating pair is left alone for several days and also have high statistics or be in the MooD as we all know.

Pending on the outcome you will come back and see a new small little lineage from your mating pair.
This child will be smaller and grow to full size adult in due time, just as any little baby animal might.  Watch it grow into your habitat.
A New Line Below its name will show its lineage.  This is great to really track down the ancestry of any given animal.
So easy enough, next thing you know, you have little animals running around.
The newborn permissions are NO COPY / NO MODIFY / TRANSFER   and they are completely tradable and or sellable.  Trade with Friends, Neighbors and other Breeders.

There are many animals to be available and with their anticipation you will find that species mingling is putting a whole new aspect to having a forest sim.
So many things are already built into the system, this has allowed RainO Tenk to make a wide Range of Living Rainimals really something different.

The Living Rainimals Manual is still a work in progress.  We are still discovering what they will do. Since the system is so based on its own variables and geration of decisions , we as maker, also just sit back and learn like you.

Rainimals is dedicated to having fun and creating these things are our fun.
So we really look forward to bringing this next big step to Second Life.
Watch our for Rainimals , they are coming

Something else to consider Rainimals are generally Sculpted it really helps to read the tip below:
Steps to Debug your Sculpty LOD (Level of Distortion)

Debugging LOD

Debugging your LOD settings is something that can and will make all of your sculpts hold better. Just complete the following steps:

1. Show the “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.
2. Select “debug settings” near the bottom.
3. In the blank space, copy and paste the word:


4. I recommend setting it as high as 4 to get all of your sculpts looking great.

NOTE: Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you! And it will improve the look of all sculpts.

Please feel free to contact
Rain0 Tenk or Spume Shepherd if you have any comments or concerns.
Please drop a notecard, Messages get capped and your comments really are important to us.
Thank you and enjoy

New Rabbit Sky Rocks with eternal food and water inbuilt and lots of nice anims....

Join the [Rainimal-SS] – Support group inworld.

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