Precious Dragon competition & new Queens

Fancy showing off your hidden talent and giving the PD creators a run for their money. Want your name immortilised, well now’s your chance!  PD are looking for someone to design a new texure for a queen dragon. No cheats need enter. The work must be original and done by you.  If you are successful then the dragon will be named  after you. The wicked side of me hopes the winner is called Puff Magic,  that would be so funny. Get your thinking caps on and give it a go, what do you have to lose. Last date for entry is July 4th 2011.

Click on this link to find out the details.

If you want to grab yourself a special edition dragon the Cancer awareness Queen for 2011 is available but only until June 14th 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Queen June 2011!

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Written by Mystical Inventor

Breast Cancer Awareness Queen June 2011

All proceeds will go to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer 2011.

Be advised of the following:

  • It is no longer possible to breed an Aura Queen (AURAQUEEN) [RETIRED]
  • It is Still possible to breed  a Midnight Queen (MDNTQUEEN) until June 30th, 2011
  • It is NOW possible to breed a Flame Queen (FLAMEQN) until July 31st, 2011

Note that the original Flame Queen had a code of FLAMEQUEEN – the one now available has been coded differently so that people can tell the difference (so as not to devalue the original in the marketplace).  The queen WILL retain the same looks as the original Flame Queen but will have a different ID code and potentially different parentage.

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We are happy to announce that Trade Meter 8 has capped!With that – we are releasing the new SKY QUEEN!  She is now available in the main Precious Dragons store.

Sky Queen

How do you find her?  We have opened up the final section of the cave system and she is on a ledge just outside the cave system.  If you go past the rooms where the other special queens are you will find her!

Congratulations everyone!

(oh and yes – you CAN breed one too!)


No more info on the Hippos which are still in closed Beta. I will let you know whenI hear anything.