Ozimals | A First Look at Strangelings

Yesterday the following notice was sent to the Ozimals groups from Candy Cerveau …

“We’ve been quiet for a bit because we’ve been working hard in the Wizard’s Workshop and now we have lots to show you 🙂  Join us NEXT Monday, June 20th, at 6pm SLT for the resumption of the Community Meetings–this will be a big one! Get a first look at the Strangelings, learn about the upcoming Summer Festival and much more – but here’s a quick teaser to tide you over until then…”

Ozimals Strangelings Teaser

Two other Strangelings teasers have been released prior to this one. I have included both of them below in case you need a refresher or to compare all three side by side. I am looking forward to see more of the Strangelings and also to learn what may be so “Strange” about them.

Ozimals Community Meetings are held in the Ozimals Orientation region at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ozimals%20Orientation/145/174/23


6 thoughts on “Ozimals | A First Look at Strangelings

  1. I don’t think it’s entirely fair to accuse them of copying. No breedable can be held up as a perfect example of an original idea as you would no doubt find some influence or inspiration from somewhere else, be it in sl or rl. Concepts are shared, stolen or redeveloped in most every breedable now as it is impossible not to have similarities in the wide range now available. Ozimals being the first company to sue another for using what they considered to be their original ideas I’m sure would never voluntarily take ideas from elsewhere.

  2. I’ve had many breedable pets in the past. In fact I was one of the first to own a sionChicken. I currently have some meeroos too. You may not want me to make a list of everything put into meeroos that was “borrowed” from other breedables.

    The Strangelings haven’t even been released yet. No one knows at this point what they are or how they work. All you have seen is a picture. Speaking of pictures, in my opinion the one you linked looks much more like a meeroo to me than anything Ozimals has shown to this point.

  3. Zanyrob, what with the Meeroo haterade? Meeroos, aside from the fact that they “breed” is nothing at all like any other SL breedable. I was suprised to see you say that given even Ozimals, the one you’re rampantly defended, took all of it’s core mechanics from Sion Chickens, and that’s all the bunnies were. Breedables. That’s it. they do nothing else. You buy two, you wait for them to make bunny love. Game over. Meeroos has created a really high benchmark that will be likely hard for anyone to surpass without a pro team coming in from Zynga or something.

    No Zanyrob, the pic posted by Melanie looks like a Strangeling, it’s got a small face (meeroos have chubby faces_ a narrow nose (Meeroos have rounded noses) slanted eyes (Meeroos have oversized wide eyes) and the photos look almost identical to Ozimals new poster.

  4. In The Lion King, Disney used real animals as the basis for all the characters that I remember and it appears that link you posted is a fennec fox, Melanie. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fennec_Fox) The fennec fox is one of many animals we looked at when creating the appearance of the Strangelings. They ended up being creatures melded of many things, including our imagination 😉 I think that will become a lot more clear when details come out about the Strangelings at the Community Meeting on the 20th and beyond. I’d encourage you to take a look at the information we release and then let us know your feedback.

    I had no idea that there were deleted characters in The Lion King…great piece of trivia! But not related to our development process, nor are the meeroos. 🙂

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