Lily Frogs are here!

Lily FrogsⓇ™ had their launch on 8th June, so I popped over to the store today and studied the frog welcoming party out front. They sound like frogs and hop around like frogs and……look kinda like a frog, the legs look great, the body on the other hand reminds me a bit of a juicy fat moth or a chrysalis… it just me?

Ribbit !

Anyway I was intrigued so bought my starter pack today at a reasonable price of L$270 for 2 froggy eggs and a weeks worth of food. If I choose the regular food I can feed my frogs for L$280 a month, so not too expensive. If you want to get glowy, shiny or special froggies then you have to feed them premium food which would cost L$560 for 2 per month. You have to crate your frogs and eggs before taking into your inventory so it’s nice to know that these are free at the main store.

They have creative skin designs and they come in an array of colours ( why would you want a green frog anyway, this is sl!) At this stage I don’t know how many different breeds there are but these are the ones I found outside the main store.

– Grand Opening frog, Mississippi Gopher frog, African dwarf frog, Arizona toad and American bullfrog.

Birthing them was easy and to get the home you just click on your froggie and a menu pops up, select lilypad….simple!. I like the home, when clicked all your frogs will return to the lilypad and like many other homes the range is set there too.

If you are restricted by how many prims you can have on your land then these might be the answer, weighing in at 4 prims each, food at 2 prims and lilypad home 1 prim they wont eat into your prim allowance too much.

The website is very is neatly laid out and its easy to find what your looking for. They also have 2 video tutorials to help those who get stuck.


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