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BioBreeds Events For June

Tuesday, June 7   Labs and Beagle Races.  3pm

Weds, June 8.        Individual Hunt  2pm

Thurs, June 9         Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races  3pm

Tues, June 14.        Lab and Beagle Races   3pm

Thurs, June 16       Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races  3pm

Fri, June 17             Tai Chi with Ozzie  (Q and A)  6am

Mon, June 20         Best Dog Photo Contest   (TBA)

Tues, June 21         Labs and Beagle Races.   3pm

Tues, June 21        Dog SHow

Weds, June 22       Our first Team Hunt  2pm

Thurs, June 23       Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races   3pm

Tues, June 28         Labs and Beagle Races.    3pm

Weds, June 29       Best Attachment Contest  2pm

Thurs, June 30        Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races   3pm

How to race your dog.

1. Take your dog to the finish line and you will see a wide Blue prim with lane numbers on it. SET HOME on top of the number prim.

2. Tell your dog to follow by saying the dogs name ‘<name> follow’ then walk to the starting line (marked as red prims) and stand on the yellow circles.

3. Edit your dog and line it up to the red prim so its front paws just touch the edge of the red prim facing the finish line.

4. Type in your local chat bar {WITHOUT HITTING ENTER!!} “<name> go home” then wait for the signal announced by the race official at that particular race – Then enter “<name> go home” so that your dog runs for the finish line!

Congratulations you have successfully raced your dog! Good luck.

The BioBreeds Team.

BioBreeds Park