Market Watch/High Regard Meeroo Preserve

A wee while since my last post but here I am better late than never 😉

While scamming notices for a place to put my newly born Giant 14.0 Meeroo up for auction I stumbled across the High Regard Auction Notice.  This is a new auction place that will be holding its first ever event today 17th June at 10.00am SL (slurl provided)

High Regard Grande Entrance

The building itself is very spacious coated in a beautiful soft beige cream adapting cool grey backwalls for highlight. It boasts 30 comfortable leather seats situated in front of the delicate stone podiums (as below)…

High Regard Auction Area

One thing for me that really did stand out above all was the Special Boards, personally this was a first for me and they are very unique and different from that around that is usually seen. They really would have to be special Meeroos because you cannot miss the full information sketched across the palebackground.

Extra Special Podium

To the back section of the mighty hall you will find an Exhibition Gallery which is full of beautiful stunning pictures of our most beloved Meeroos (you just have to take a peek!). Lanier Matova said (quote) “We wanted to do something different here, we are going to have alot of breeding studies etc”. So you see this is not only an Auction House but hopefully a growing community of fellow minded meeroo fanatical people who wish to share their breeding tips and ideas with others as again Lanier Matova said (quote) “We aren’t going to be people who breed an Amber and don’t tell anyone the secret, but instead work together to learn the breeding trends”.

Exhibition Hall for Meeroos

So why don’t you come along and lets start this community rolling, bring your meeroos,  bring your photos of your beloved meeroos and bring your friends for some in house action to see some Magnificent Meeroos!

The owner Geoffrey Steuart and his Manager Lanier Matova are hoping to have a great turn out for this OPENING DAY!

Watch out for new upcoming events here at High Regard….including Live Voice Educational Seminar’s about Breeding, Collecting, Auctions, Direct Sells, and Pricing.

Stay Spirited 😉