KittyCatS | Birthday Kitty

Birthday Kitty’s for everyone! Yayyyyyyy!

There is a free Kitty available for every sl resident, yes everyone.  They can be found at the SLB8 display for KittyCatS.  It is a special “Magic Birthday Cat”.  The box includes a week of special “birthday” food, and accessories.  Like other specials it is only available for a limited time, so grab your before 2nd July.  It is a genesis cat underneath the special costume and I’m unsure if it will be revealing any new traits, although that has been the norm with other specials.

Click on the Top Hat for your KittyCatS Kitty...

This is a good opportunity to introduce your friends and relatives to an adorable breedable and I’m sure many new breedable lovers will look back to their start being discovering KittyCatS at SLB8.

Did you also know there are new portable Kitty Snacks for Kitty’s on the Go?

Happy Birthday Second Life From KittyCatS!

Pick up Your Kitty….