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Wild Batz | Released

The new xs breedable to hit the market is a breedable bat.

When i first heard of them, i went to see what the new breedable was all about. When you first arrive you land in a cave, and see several bats flying around these little trees that work as there homepoint and one is for the food. They are pretty cute as they fly around and perch on the trees.

As i walked around i met up with the owner (Wild Moonwall) and asked her some questions about the bats. There are two different starter packs that you can buy, there is the standard one and the vampire set. The vampire bats have particles on them when touched.

And don’t forget while you are there to pick up the first special that has come out, the Arizona Bat. Wild said there will be a different bat for each state, so hurry and grab the first one before its all gone.

Wild Batz Breedable Bat Instructions

Breedable Bats!

1. Rez Womb Boxes and touch them to un-package the bat wombs.

2. Click on the womb and select “Birth” from the menu

3. Rez a Bat Tree near the bats, and click on the Bat Tree and set the home position from the menu.
You can get a  Bat Tree by touching a bat and selecting  Bat Tree from the menu.

4. Place Bat Food Trees within reach of the bats.

Bats and wombs cannot be taken into inventory unless packaged in Bat Crates and Womb Boxes, or they will die.
To package a bat for transport or transfer, rez a Bat Crate and then click on the bat and select “Package”.
To package a womb for transport or transfer, rez an Womb Box and click on the womband select “Package”.

Bats and wombs will package themselves in any available Bat Crate or Womb Box that you own that is rezzed, so only rez empty ones right before you use them.

Bats reach breeding age after 7 days, and then can produce wombs, as long as you have a male and female set to the same Bat Tree.

You can set the roaming range of the bats by touching the Bat Tree and changing the range from the menu.

Bats will roost when they sleep, but you can roost or un-roost them from the Bat Tree menu.

Your bats will eventually die or starvation if the food runs out, or if you take them into inventory without first placing them in a bat crate.
You can store them in crates in inventory, and they will not grow hungry.

Crated bats and boxed wombs are transferable. Empty Womb Boxes and Bat Crates are available free at the Wild Batz headquarters.
If the headquarters is moved, check the profile of wild Moonwall for the new location.

Join the Wild Batz group to stay informed of updates and specials!

SLurl: Wild Batz




C & C Hardship Assistance Policy

Notecard that was released in the group from Cog Zeplin.

I have been doing a little thinking lately and I know that SL is a game, but I also know fisrt hand that people become emotionally attached to the poeple in SL and the things we have in SL, such as Breedable pets.  For a lot of us, these little digital pet some how, some way become …kind of real to us… or kind of …. … well, you know what I am talking about.

I have also become very aware that most all of us have hit or are close to hitting hard economic times, both in SL and RL.  In the past few days, I have spoke with several people that are finding it hard to find the linden to feed these virtual pets of ours that eat or die or become sick, costing even more linden to heal or but one.

I realize that lowering the food prices or making the food free would greatly effect the market prices of the these pets, but I also find it hard to see people hurt because they just dont have the linden to keep there pets alive til that next payday or until some of their items sell.  Believe it or not, these things really do bother me, to the point that at time I just can’t sleep and at times just dont want to sell things anymore.  But then I remember all the joy that these things I create bring to some peoples lifes.

When I started that Grouse, I have always said that its mission is to make a breedable pet that everyone could afforsd to buy and keep, by both lowering the prim of it and by providing cheap food.  I also have said that if anyone could not afford to feed them, they should come to me and I would help you out.

Recently I have discovered a few people that were strugling with hard times and did not come to me.  Maybe that is my fault for not making it clear that I try to be a very understanding and giving person, and all you need to do is talk to me, explain what is going on and I will do what I can to help who ever I can.  I never want anyone to ever worry about how they will keep my products alive during hard times…. trust me, I know first hand what hard times are like.

So effective immediately, I have given Hunny Bunny Gift cards to mebers of my SL family, with hopes that if I am not online and if it is brought to their attention that someone is in need of assistance, these family members can give that person temporary assistance until the next time I am online and can meet with that peoson and see what I can do on a case by case situation to best assist that person.

I have setup a gift card system for a SINGLE ITEM HUNNY BUNNY vendor in the main shop where you can not only buy single carrots, cakes, jelly apples and hay, but you can also pay with a gift card that my SL family members can hand out.

Now, a word of warning.  I am doing this to assist people in a temporary, urgent type case situation, if I discover anyone attempting to take advantage to this arrangement…… well, lets just say… feeding your pets will be the least of your problems.  Please, don’t anyone attempt to take advantage of this program.

PLEASE, if you find yourself in need of assistance, please do not be afraid to talk to me about it.

Shea Monnett
Chloe Farquart
Davina Caerndow
Digital Digital

S-Designs – Lizard update 2.0

There  is an important update to the lizards this week, you need to grab the boxes and the new egg cups and update them to be able to get all the new specials that have been released. After you get everything updated, make sure and contact Steppenwolf Sporg so he can replace any of the old food you may have.

Special Halloween Lizard

Special Party Lizard

Special White Lizard

Along with the updates, there have been new products added to the line for lizards like the  Egg Collector , Color Changer, SuperSizeMe,  and of course the Special Eggs with much more coming.

Super Size me (for larger lizards)

Color Boxer ( Blue,Yellow,Green,Brown)

The lizards also now have a referrel program:

Hi there,

How can you earn Money ?

So advertise for the Lizards 😉 find People that want to have the Lizards! Bring them to the Store.

If your reffered Friend buy the Starter Pack notice the name. Get 5 People to buy the Starter Pack and Notice them on Notecard!

Send me your Notecard with the 5 Names in and i will check the Names! It must be 5 different Persons  😛

If they all bought a Starter Pack from the Store i will contact you.

You will get :          400L$


Steppenwolf Sporg

(Resell Vendors are not allowed on this 😉 )


Slurl: S-Designs

Market Review ~ Cuddle Bunnies Breedables Oasis

The Cuddle Bunnies Breedable Oasis is a newly opened market. The atmosphere of the market is very peaceful and quaint. While shopping around or setting up your stall, you can watch the waves roll in or maybe even catch a glimpse of a whale jumping up out of the water. They offer many areas to just sit and relax, or maybe even go fishing with the 7 seas fishing system (custom fishing prizes coming soon).

When you land at the market, you will find there are many different areas to see. Everything is neatly organized so you can find what you need. They offer live and regular stalls, and if you need to free up some extra prims they offer little mini ranches to put your babies in. You will also find an open air auction house, where they hold voice and kid only auctions.

This market is a must see and the owners and management are one of the nicest and helpful people you will find. So grab your family and your pets and head on down : )


Market Slurl

HuDu Breedable Plushie Voodoo Dolls

The Voodoo Plushie has come around just in time for Halloween. They are so cute and the sound they make is perfect for any Halloween decor.

But they really are more than just for Halloween. The first time you rezz them out, they are all fallen apart. Within 24hrs they form their shape and start walking around. The Voodoo plushies are still new and from what i have heard there are still other things in the work with these lil guys that will set them from the rest of the breedables.

(Starter Info Card)

Welcome and Hi!

HuDu is the newest beta of a breedable on the market. We are bringing you a Unique opportunity to breed your stuffed animals.  The first line is our VooDoo Dolls, these little guys (as will all plushies) start their first day as parts of the doll and through your nurturing they will grow into their standing form in 24 hours from hatching.

Please note that if you take a doll into your inventory they will die.  Same with the Pumpkins.

Free Pumpkin cups and Tombs for the  live dolls will be available inside of the main store at Moon of Love – Chicken Chatter Box Farms

Some Random things: Sex is random. So when hatching an pumpkin you will not be able to determine the sex till they are born.

Colors are random for pumpkins being hatched .

Updates will come from time to time and boxes and/or pumpkin cups will be provided.

Any questions please contact

Ivana Platzmann

Louisa Darkstone

Celestine fairey ( french support also)

Starter Kit comes with
one male and one female live doll, and four solid solid color eggs- red, blue, green, and violet.  Also a food dish with 200 food enough for one doll for a week.

HuDu Plushie Breeding Vendor

C & C – Grouse Halloween Fun

Cog has been hard at work on the grouse. He has just released the first of 2 Halloween Grouse. Also while picking up my own new grouse, i overheard of a new possible grouse for the fishing area \o/…will be sure to keep you posted.

This notecard came with the new grouse, please make sure you please read it. Here is a copy of it..

C&C Creations Ghost Grouse

I am releasing this grouse prior to doing an update…. So, if you pack it in the current crates or egg cups, it will loose its Ghost qualities… but it will get them again when you place it into a special Ghost Crate.  You will not have to do this after the next update.

This is the Second Special. its the Halloween Grouse. This special was pre-released during the Grouse Hunt. But Cog has reassured me that this one will be revamped with improvements. And of course you can’t get this beauty until Halloween. So don’t forget to go Trick or Treating on Cogs door that day : )

Store Front – C & C

C & C – Grouse Update

New releases and more fun to be had with C & C.

Yes you heard me right, new releases….

First we have the new sampler pack out….and omg, it is one of the best packs that has been put out yet.

This pack contains 2 eggs, 2 live grouse, 2 food bowls,  1 nuclear food bowl, a time warp, a home location and a box of 1 & 3 prims eggs cups and packing crates. O.O   Yes all this for FREE, so hurry up and grab your box from the C & C main store.

The next new thing is the 1 prim egg cup, yes you heard me a 1 prim egg cup….YAY!!!  So while your at the store grabbing the new Sample Pack, also grab up some of the new cups. You can also still get the 3 prim egg cup.

The Store also has a new look. Cog has done a wonderful job in making the place so comfortable. There are lots of things to see and do there now….you might even find me sitting at my desk fishing : )

Here are some of the things you can find while fishing there. The Pirate Grouse (Shown on the right) is a beautiful egg that you have to assemble to receive.  Just catch all the parts and put it together, but make sure you are in one of the Official C & C fishing spots to receive your Pirate Egg.

C & C Main Store

Jungle Island

Far Q Farms

So when you make it to C & C to fish, or just visit with other members. Take a look around, there are plenty of things to slap, grab and enter for while you are there. Who can resist FREE things… YAY  for free : )

C&C Grouse | Release of Personalized Grouse

Cog has done it again.  He is releasing a personal grouse to whoever would like to have one made.  Whether its made for you business, favorite charity or just something for yourself.

All you need to do to get this special is to contact Cog Zeplin in-world with a notecard stating:

1. Color of head and body

2. Color of wings and tail

3. The text that show above the egg

4. Shine level

5. Glow level

Pricing and detail will be discussed during the meeting with Cog.

Also with the latest update on the grouse, all of the rubs, sex machines, time warps and such need to be replaced.  Just contact Cog Zeplin and He will replace them as soon as He can for you.

Market Review | Simply Breedables

During my many travels around SL, I had come across an ever growing Market Place called Simply Breedables.

I sat down and talked with one of the Owners of it, Tarynn Magic. She is very sweet and very helpful with questions that you may have. There are many things you can find in this market, ranging from many different size shops, gardens and stables. Also with the renting of any of these, you get a free offer board spot, and even better she supplies group food for free while they are there. Don’t worry, if you don’t rent you can still find a spot and the free food is still offered (yay for free food )

There are 2 levels of offer boards, the first level is for bunnies and upstairs you will find the Amaretto Horse boards. They also hold voice auctions and coming soon is the silent auctions.

And of course while you are waiting on the auctions to start there are plenty of Bunny Madness Games to try your luck at.


They just opened a breeders area on the ground level. They hold special events like carrot hunts and random giveaways. You will also find a 7 Seas fishing area with customs being added.

This market is a must see : )